Sameer Qureshi: Creating One-Of-A-Kind Experiences

Sameer Qureshi: Creating One-Of-A-Kind Experiences
Photo Credited to El Grupo SN

Written By: Carlos Lacayo

Published Through: Joseph Brown

Sameer Qureshi has truly taken the hospitality and nightlife industry to new heights. Graduating from Rutgers University with a concentration in Economics, Qureshi went on to work in the energy industry. He worked his way up to an executive position, specializing in mergers, acquisitions and financing energy infrastructure in the United States for the last 20 years. Qureshi also owns Royale Group, a full-service management and marketing company that focuses on consumer promotions, strategic marketing and producing special events. Qureshi’s passion for delivering one-of-a-kind experiences led to the creation of his latest endeavor, El Grupo SN.

El Grupo SN

Qureshi and his business partner Nathan Leong co-founded El Grupo SN in 2019. When speaking about El Grupo SN, Qureshi explains that the company is more of a lifestyle brand focused on experiential events, high-energy dining, and nightlife. El Grupo SN’s mission is to deliver guests memorable & unique experiences —and one of the ways they do this is through the two hotspots under their umbrella.

The first location is Somewhere Nowhere, an upscale lounge and nightclub, which also features a rooftop pool in the summer and igloos in the sky during the winter months. “We’ve had some of the world’s biggest DJs play, and a laundry list of notable names attend our parties,” Qureshi states. “It’s wildly successful from that standpoint and a function of how many years we’ve been doing this.” El Grupo SN’s second location is 9 Jones, a West Village eatery serving Greek cuisine. “9 Jones is a high-energy dining experience expanding our brand and customer needs. We want people to dine there and head to the nightclub afterward,” Qureshi says.

Created from Passion

El Grupo SN’s chances of working without Nathan and Sameer are slim to none. They complement one another, being the yin to the other’s yang. “Nathan is the visionary, and I’m the one that integrates everything and makes it happen,” states the hospitality industry veteran. “I’m more on the analytical side. My strength is in operations and finance, and I have a 20-year history in programming, marketing, branding and throwing thousands of parties. Nathan has been doing it for a decade and is incredibly smart and creative.”

With so many past successful ventures, it’s safe to say that neither Leong nor Qureshi are in this for the money. “Money is one of the rewards, but our primary way of thinking about this is if we can put together unique creative projects and events, then that’s what we want to focus on, and that’s what drives us. For both of us, it’s about passion.” He continues, saying, “When you love something, it’s not work, and at the end of the day, we throw great parties. We’re lucky enough to be able to do it in the way that we do. That’s what’s most important.”

Looking Forward

The holiday season is important for many businesses, and El Grupo SN is no different. Around this time of year, the pool at Somewhere Nowhere disappears, and outdoor teardrop-shaped igloos pop up. “You can sit in those igloos with friends, and they’re very personalized,” Qureshi says. “There’s an Alexa device, and you can play the music you want and enjoy a full dining and cocktail experience.” 

The duo are also looking forward to 2024. “Next year will be a different ball game regarding projects and opportunities.” Qureshi goes on to explain, “We’re ready for future growth. If someone would’ve asked this a year ago, I would’ve said, ‘I’m focused on what I’m doing right now and doing it right.’ We’ve built a well-seasoned team, allowing us to look for the next thing to get into. It gets us excited for next year.” 


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