Points4Purpose Expands into US Market, Revolutionizing Cause-Related Loyalty Programs

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NEW YORK, NY, June 1, 2023 – Points4Purpose Inc., an innovative Australian loyalty platform, announces its much-anticipated entry into the US market. Built on a “get more, give more” model, the company’s white-label cardlinked solution will enable American consumers to convert their cashback rewards into significant contributions to their chosen causes, while simultaneously fostering brand loyalty and engagement.

The CEO and Founder of Points4Purpose, Ivan Schwartz, strongly affirms that businesses can successfully merge purpose with profit, without compromising on their earnings or market value. “Our platform champions choice by allowing customers to earn cash back. In addition to this, a significant part of this is the ability for the member to donate some or all of the cash back the members favorite charitable cause. This not only fosters their loyalty but also contributes to overall brand revenue growth and profitability,” Schwartz said.

The company’s unique approach integrates a loyalty coalition program called CommunityRewards. This initiative presents a simplified path towards community impact, offering customers the chance to shop with multiple retailers and access exclusive offers on products and services.

“Many loyalty points go unused. Points4Purpose provides a platform that enables customers to direct those rewards as they choose, including towards donations for a cause that they are passionate about,” said Heather Tuason, CEO of Arena Financial Services. By donating their savings to selected charities or community organizations, customers may qualify for a tax refund, thus providing a win-win situation for customers, charities, and participating retailers.

Amy Blumkin, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Meals on Wheels America, praised this initiative, particularly in light of current challenges faced by NGOs. “As NGOs face the reality of decreasing government funding and changes in charitable giving, it is reassuring to come across a new fundraising platform like Points4Purpose that does good in the world, delivers savings to supporters, and drives measurable outcomes for participating businesses,” she said.

Simultaneously, this initiative aligns well with the increasing emphasis on social values, particularly amongst younger consumers. Phil Rubin, CEO of Grey Space Matters, underlined this point, explaining how “with social values increasingly in focus, many corporate leaders are recognizing the merits of Stakeholder Capitalism but need to tie CSR to the rest of the enterprise. These factors, coupled with the perpetual devaluation of loyalty currencies, underscore the value that Points4Purpose brings to all stakeholders.”

In celebration of its American debut, Points4Purpose is hosting a US Launch Reception on June 1st at the Australian Consul General in New York City. This event is expected to foster insightful discussion on the theme of “Purpose to Profit – How to Grow Customer Lifetime Value in Challenging Times” – a conversation highly pertinent to corporations and not-for-profits alike in the current climate. 

The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce ambassador, Ron Foster, will also be attending the launch reception, scheduled to open its doors at 6 pm at the Australian Trade Commission – 150 E 42nd Street, NYC, NY, 10017. The event will commence with announcements at 6:30 pm ET, followed by the panel discussion and concluding with remarks at 8:00 pm ET.

Registration details and more information about the launch reception can be found via Humanitrix’s event page at this link. For those unable to attend but wishing to learn more, you can connect with Points4Purpose through their official website https://points4purpose.com/contact

The business community and media representatives are warmly invited to attend the event, either in person or virtually, to gain a deeper understanding of how consumer choices are reshaping brand loyalty and can lead to lasting positive global impacts.

 About Points4Purpose

Points4Purpose (P4P) is a trailblazer in the sphere of purpose-driven loyalty programs. Their approach aligns the purpose of brands with that of their customers to boost engagement and meet internal objectives. A pioneer in CardLink-enabled platforms, P4P believes in the power of partnerships for sustainable, measurable success. Originating from Australia, the company is now incorporated in the US and primed for international expansion.

 Contact Details

Contact Person: Ivan Schwartz

Email: ivans@points4purpose.com.au

Website: https://points4purpose.com/ 


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