Empowering Entrepreneurs: How “You’ve Got Clients” Can Help You Increase Sales

Empowering Entrepreneurs: How “You’ve Got Clients” Can Help You Increase Sales
Photo Credited to LaTisha Styles

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that the success we’ve achieved is actually deserved. Eighty-four percent of entrepreneurs and small business owners struggle with imposter syndrome, and the path to success is often paved with challenges and self-doubt.

LaTisha Styles and her mentoring company, You’ve Got Clients, is a testament to the power of determination. With the primary goal of helping entrepreneurs generate leads and overcome self-doubt, You’ve Got Clients has emerged as a guiding light, particularly for those stepping away from corporate careers and seeking to find their unique place in the business world. 

A Journey Born During Adversity

LaTisha’s journey began during one of the most challenging economic downturns in recent memory — the Great Recession. Armed with a finance degree, LaTisha faced a tough job market, so she decided to create her own opportunities. The initial step involved blogging and writing articles on finance-related topics, sharing her knowledge and insights with her readers. 

Even when she found a job, her passion for content creation persisted. However, the corporate environment LaTisha found herself in revealed the clash between her proactive nature and the politics inherent in large organizations. Fueled by a desire to make a meaningful impact, she founded You’ve Got Clients in 2015 with the desire to mentor and encourage clients and help them unlock their full potential to generate sales. 

Overcoming Challenges

Like many successful entrepreneurs, LaTisha found herself struggling with imposter syndrome, finding recognizing her own worth to be a significant challenge. Initially, she undervalued her expertise, charging modest fees when she should have been charging more. Her turning point came when she helped a client recoup three months’ worth of losses overnight. This experience was a game-changer, leading her to double her rates and acknowledge her true value. 

A Unique Approach

You’ve Got Clients focuses on helping clients build an audience, understand the market, and enroll leads and clients through strategic conversations and effective sales page setups. What truly sets them apart is the belief that selling is a form of service. You’ve Got Clients encourages their clients to change their self-perception before reaching out to leads. This approach is especially impactful when working with individuals who face societal and cultural barriers, such as women and minorities. By shifting their perspectives and addressing deeply ingrained beliefs, You’ve Got Clients helps coaches, consultants, and experts overcome challenges and find success. 

One client’s success story particularly stands out. After initially struggling, after coaching from You’ve Got Clients, the client was able to make an impressive $10,000 in just ten days. With continued guidance, this client eventually achieved the remarkable milestone of earning $156,000 in just 30 days! 

Looking Ahead

As You’ve Got Clients continues to make a profound impact on the entrepreneurial landscape, LaTisha has big aspirations for the future. She plans to expand her platform and reach, providing services to larger clients. Her ultimate goal is to share her knowledge and empower individuals on a broader scale, moving beyond course offerings to create meaningful change in the business world. 


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