Zoya Rajput: The Female Entrepreneur Defying the Odds in the Tech Industry with Slizzr, a mobile event app that revolutionizes the way you host and attend events.

Zoya Rajput
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Founded by Zoya Rajput at the age of 17, Slizzr is a real-time GPS-based all-inclusive, unique mobile event app recently launched in Canada and the United States for iOS and Android that is changing the game for event attendees and hosts alike.

With built-in payment integration, Slizzr simplifies discovering, hosting, and attending events while promoting inclusivity and socialization. As a result, Slizzr has seen an impressive month-over-month increase in users since its launch, and heaps of events in Canada and the United States have been hosted on the platform to date.

What sets Slizzr apart from other event apps is its unique functionality that bridges the gap between attendees and hosts. The app makes it easy to find events that interest the user, connect with other attendees, and get all the information and mobile tickets needed to attend the event confidently. So with the Slizzr app, you do not need to go looking for information; everything is on there. On the other hand, it also simplifies hosting events, including private or public events, paid or free. Hosts can find attendees nearby, organize invites, check in attendees, and get paid right through the app.

Zoya Rajput
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Zoya Rajput, the founder and CEO of Slizzr, has had an inspiring journey. At 17, while working two part-time jobs and attending University (to study a program unrelated to technology or business), Zoya was motivated to begin her “American dream” as a female entrepreneur. Since then, she has had her fair share of ups and downs, but fast forward to being 25 years old, and she defies all odds in the male-dominated tech industry with a startup. With Slizzr, Zoya has proven that with hard work, perseverance, and a genuine desire to make a difference, anyone can achieve success by overcoming obstacles despite limitations and resistance.
Zoya’s inspiration for creating Slizzr came from her desire to improve the disparities of mental health in youth stemming from a lack of socialization and inclusivity while in a leadership position at the University. In addition, Slizzr is a disruptor to the events industry. It can show valuable insights and information about the trends and challenges facing event hosts and attendees today and how the Slizzr app addresses these issues.

Slizzr’s tagline, “Fear of missing out, what’s that?” perfectly encapsulates what the app is about. Slizzr is not just another event app, and it’s a community-building tool that promotes inclusivity, socialization, and a sense of belonging. So whether you’re a college student looking for new experiences, an event host looking for a streamlined way to organize your event, or a party-goer looking for your next adventure, Slizzr has got you covered.

Overall, Slizzr is an innovative and exciting new app changing the game for event attendees and hosts. With its unique functionality, built-in payment integration, and commitment to inclusivity and socialization, Slizzr is poised to become the go-to app for anyone looking to discover, host, or attend events.


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