Why Ken Wentworth, aka “Mr. Biz®, Believes Anyone’s Career Can Thrive with the Right Mentality

Ken Wentworth
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Most have heard the saying, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Advice such as this resonates in the minds of many in the workforce, and now more than ever there has been a push for people to pursue what they really want to do in life. However, those who thrive professionally know the work doesn’t end just when you find your dream job. No one understands this better than Ken Wentworth, also known as “Mr. Biz®.” Ken is the founder of Mr. Biz Solutions and works as an on-demand fractional CFO, business strategist, and consultant, but he wouldn’t have made it to where he is now if he had given in to complacency. “I had a really good corporate career,” he admits about what he did for a living before starting his own companies. “Now that I’m on my own, it’s an entirely new level of career fulfillment that I never thought was possible.”

From J.P. Morgan Executive to Starting From Scratch

Ken loved his job. Working at J.P. Morgan for over 20 years, he was able to rise to the top 3% in the company by pursuing his passion in the finance world. At the time, he figured he was at the pinnacle of success. But he soon found himself wanting a change. He had always wanted to build a business of his own, and that ambition began to pull at him. The idea of entrepreneurship intrigued him, but his career was accelerating. Going out on his own while things were going well at J.P. Morgan didn’t make much sense, since his priority was financially providing for his family. 

Pushing the thought aside for the time being, he stayed dedicated to his job, calculatedly building his wealth over time while he waited for a better opportunity to reconsider his aspirations. He continued to climb the corporate ladder, setting himself in a prime position for a promotion that would put him in the top 1% of the organization. But with the success came a realization. “There would be a lot of pressure to relocate to New York or London,” Ken says. “I didn’t want to move my family.” Choosing not to uproot his wife and children, he made the leap and left J.P. Morgan. While others may have questioned the move, Ken knew he was ready, and the choice would later prove to be one of the best decisions he ever made.

Entering Entrepreneurship through Founding Mr. Biz Solutions

Following his passions, Ken started off on his own as an on-demand fractional CFO,  business strategist, and consultant, working with business owners to help them operate more profitably and efficiently. Like in any professional endeavor, he faced his share of challenges. He loved working with individuals one-on-one, but it proved to be challenging as clients came flooding in. When he found himself helping several of them for free because of their financial struggles, he knew he needed a more sustainable method of advising people. “In order to help as many owners as possible we determined a membership model was the best option,” Ken shares. Through it, he and five other experts virtually give guidance to business owners.

Ken starts each of his clients on what he calls the “Three Pillars of Financial Success” – Cash Flow, Budgeting, and Pricing. They all work together to provide the foundational pillars for every success. As Ken puts it, “No cash, no business.” By optimizing these pillars, and then providing guidance to each client based on his or her business, Ken and his company help business owners build wealth and expand.

Achieving Professional Growth

Now eight years into entrepreneurship, he’s achieved several personal accomplishments. A friend of his who had a connection to a radio show thought he’d be a great person to interview as an on-air business expert. After making a couple of appearances, the General Manager of the radio station approached Ken with an idea to start a business-related radio show. “Three shows in, and I was hooked,” Ken recalls. His wealth of business knowledge paired with his endearing charisma proved to be a huge hit. The new show, Mr. Biz Radio, exploded in popularity and now ranks in the Top 2% of all shows globally. 

Just as he thrived on the radio, he also found success in sharing his wisdom through writing. Currently, he is the author of three bestselling books written to help individuals reach their personal and professional goals.

Having the Heart to Persevere 

Ken Wentworth’s journey serves as a testament to how a person can accomplish great things by avoiding complacency and being unafraid to take risks. “The honest fact is, not everyone’s cut out to be an entrepreneur,” Ken says. “You’ve got to have the right mindset, and it’s a lot easier said than done. Have someone honest around you to tell you if you have that consistent perseverance, which is 100% necessary for entrepreneurial success.” Accomplishment in business doesn’t come to fruition only from intellect, wealth, or even good connections. Rather, it comes down to mentality. In the business world, whether at what seems to be the pinnacle of success or at the bottom of the barrel, for those with the ambition of an entrepreneur, there is always a way to improve and thrive.

Mr. Biz ® calls that consistent perseverance and that is the “C” in his SMAC methodology for achieving massive goals, which is outlined in his most recent bestselling book, “Don’t Fake the Funk”.

For more information on Ken Wentworth and his company, follow him on LinkedIn or visit www.MrBiz.com


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