What Makes Carmelo Rodriguez an Effective Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

Many well-meaning people can aspire to be life coaches to positively impact people’s lives, but very few will make the kind of connection that Carmelo Rodriguez has. As a seasoned and well-loved ice coach, negotiation specialist, and motivational speaker, he has transcended what is normally expected of his role and goes out of his way to make his clients feel valued no matter what they may be going through in life. 

Rodriguez’s deep commitment to making a difference in the lives of his clients stemmed from a horrific experience in his life when he was declared dead by the Veteran Affairs office when he was, in fact, serving actively as a combat soldier in Iraq. Unfortunately, a government glitch put him in a very compromising position. He went through the tedious task of having to prove his identity and that he was, in fact, alive and well. The problem became one of his life’s biggest and most traumatic experiences that taught him, foremost, the importance of being able to make the most out of life. 

“I struggled for multiple years as a military vet who was mistakenly declared deceased. During that time, I created a documentary series and book because I had a message. My brand was created out of necessity. In doing so, I realized how inspirational my story was and wanted to continue writing,” he shared.  

The incident inspired him to write his memoir titled “Dead Soldier: A Story of the Living.” He also went on to author 15 books of various genres. Drawing inspiration from his VA experience, he decided to do something productive out of his traumatic experience. He chose to help and empower others going through difficult dilemmas in life, teaching them how to live their best lives while also addressing the different problems that haunt them. 

Rodriguez is a respectable motivational speaker who speaks with conviction and power. He holds a degree in Criminal Justice and an MBA at the same time. At present, he is working on finishing his Ph.D. Always passionate about acquiring new knowledge, he works hard to complete several post-graduate certifications in risk management, conflict management, and corporate crisis management. In addition, he finished certifications in Negotiations from Harvard Business School. As a result, he was nominated for a Ted Talk and was declared one of the top 20 most influential persons in 2020. 

Despite the many challenges he went through as a veteran, he still finds great fulfillment and joy in being able to connect with people through his books and doing his duties as a police officer. By serving others and adding value to their lives, he was able to find great meaning and satisfaction in life. 

On October 31, 2022, the Kindle edition of his latest book, “Smile,” will be released. Best known for his crime and mystery-themed plots, Rodriguez will introduce an interesting character in the person of Dorothy Fisher, a well-loved little girl with the ability to create horrific events. 

“I favor stories based on true events. The reason for this is that I enjoyed investigations following the story, but it doesn’t stop there for me. Like I stated previously, I have written multiple books in different genres, so I am not scared to explore,” Rodriguez revealed. 

Whether he is writing, coaching, or speaking on stage, Carmelo Rodriguez always makes a lasting impact on the lives of people. He does everything passionately and always makes it a point to enjoy the new memories he builds with the people around him. 

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