What it Takes to be a Power Couple: Fabiola Barinas and Alan Rodriguez on Being Unstoppable

The epitome of a power couple, Fabiola Barinas and Alan Rodriguez have certainly set the bar higher. Known as the Unstoppable FitCouple in the digital space, the duo is captivating everyone with their story of hard work and perseverance, leading them to build an incredible life for themselves and their three children. But the couple shared that things were not always as smooth for them as they are now. Determined to lead better lives in a new country, they worked day and night to achieve their goals, and with hard work, perseverance, and a positive mindset, they were able to turn the tables, rewriting their story to one of immense success. 

Both immigrants to the United States, Fabiola and Alan had their fair share of challenges. Fabiola was working as an actress while Alan was working as an assistant manager and simultaneously pursued acting as well. At one of their lowest financial points, the couple decided to take a chance at a business opportunity that transformed their lives. Adding hard work and discipline to their life-changing choice, Fabiola and Alan ranked among the top one percent of the company after only two years. With their success, the couple has also made it their mission to impact others, succeeding in helping thousands achieve healthier minds and bodies.

Fabiola and Alan help their clients attain an active and healthier lifestyle through science-backed techniques, believing that healthier and happier individuals have the potential to make the world a better place. The couple has worked with thousands of individuals to overhaul their lifestyles and live their ideal lives. 

“I always say you can do anything because it is true if you work hard and never give up,” said Alan. “We want the people we work with never to give up. We came so far by putting the effort in, and I am so proud of what Fabiola and I have accomplished. However, ‘Unstoppable’ not only refers to us but also to our team and followers. Together, we are Unstoppable.”

Believing growth is only possible when one helps others grow as well, Fabiola and Alan know that they have found their calling through their business, where everyone wins. 

“People get the misconception that nothing happens to us, that life doesn’t happen to us. That is the beauty and curse of social media. But our lives are just like anyone else’s. We must focus on ourselves, our team, and our followers. In one way or another, we feel responsible to continue to be an inspiration for them,” said Fabiola. “They actually inspire us too and fuel our hearts with all the love, support, and constant messages of appreciation. It’s important to understand that life is a rollercoaster, not a flat ride, and we must always do the things we have to do when we have to do them–not only when we feel like it. We keep going to support each other along the way,” she added. 

Asked what pushes them to continually strive to be better, the couple shared that they both have big dreams for their families. They are unstoppable when it comes to aspiring for great things, especially for their children, who drive them to be the best at what they do best– lead healthier lives through fitness and nutrition. 


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