Victoria Liu: BYPPO CEO is leading the way for minority females in tech

New studies find that only 37% of entry-level workers and 15% of CEOs in the tech industry are female. Another study conducted by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company focuses on the gender gap in technology, and the findings indicate that it extends to numerous levels of employment.

Tech platform Built In shared in their study that non-white American women with degrees in Computer Science or Engineering are less likely to land a job in tech than their white counterparts. They continue that only  3% of computing-related jobs are held by African-American women, 6% are held by Asian women, and 2% are held by Hispanic women.

Female minorities are woefully underrepresented in the tech industry, but Victoria Liu is paving the way for them to succeed in the field. Under her leadership, Byppo Technologies LLC is becoming one of the fastest-growing food delivery tech companies in the United States.

Early life

Liu was born in Miami, Florida, to a Chinese family. Exposed to traditional Chinese cuisines and Miami’s variety of cultures and flavors, she grew up loving food from an early age. 

She moved to Gainesville, FL in 2014 and was set on working for corporate America by taking up Accounting in college. Liu completed a combined-degree program that allowed her to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in the discipline from the Fisher School of Accounting and her Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business all within 5 years. She was the recipient of a 2018-2019 Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) academic scholarship. This scholarship is only awarded to students who meet the following criteria: students who are enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program in accounting, demonstrate an interest and aptitude in accounting and demonstrate high ethical standards. Educational institutions are statistically selected to provide student nominations and are encouraged to give consideration to students from populations that have been historically underrepresented in the accounting profession.

Victoria Liu was set on continuing her career in accounting in Miami, FL until a Florida football game changed her path. After tolerating long concession lines for her food, she came up with a business idea for a stadium food delivery app that was later pivoted to a food delivery service, known as BYPPO, for local establishments.

Founding BYPPO and the future

At 22 years old, Liu founded her company Byppo Technologies LLC in 2019 and created the BYPPO app to create an all-inclusive platform for people to discover local restaurants. Through these local partnerships, BYPPO has supported small businesses and introduced them to a larger community of food enthusiasts. Liu and her company waived fees to support the local restaurant community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company also employs the latest technology to provide its users with a seamless food ordering experience. Amy Landon, a BYPPO user, shares “My favorite local app in town! It’s the best app if you want to discover food. The rewards are amazing. I’ve never found a more amazing app like this.”

Starting within the local Gainesville community, BYPPO is geared towards expanding to the rest of the United States. It has been well-loved since its inception and has grown into two divisions that cater to local communities and school campuses.

BYPPOLocal and BYPPOCampus

BYPPOLocal is a continuation of the fundamental idea underlying the BYPPO app. Committed to creating a difference in the industry, it offers small businesses affordable technologies, efficient hands-on marketing, and fresh dining experiences to users in their local communities.

BYPPOCampus is Liu’s most recent venture. The service addresses the unique college setting by being the world’s first peer-to-peer distribution program focused on sustainability and experiential learning. The service is eco-friendly because it exclusively uses energy-efficient scooters, public transportation, bikes, and walking to deliver food from on-campus BYPPO outlets. Students are also given the opportunity to have an income source without leaving campus by using the app and networking with other students. It is no surprise that BYPPOCampus has quickly gained traction with colleges and universities nationwide.

In just three years, BYPPO has partnered with hundreds of businesses and served thousands of happy and hungry customers. Through her actions, Liu proves that both women and minorities can make it in tech. “Minorities and females in tech are still greatly underrepresented today. I hope with my story I can bring confidence in future young female minorities to tap into the tech industry,” shares Victoria.

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