Vanessa Shaw Building a Business Growth Revolution

The business landscape has changed immensely over the last decade. When it was once unimaginable to start a business from scratch and grow it into a six- to seven-figure company in less than a year, Vanessa Shaw has shown that it’s not just possible but also replicable. The successful entrepreneur-turned-business coach is here to show people that anyone can start and grow a business with nothing more than the internet and the right tactics. 

The founder of Business Growth Academy, Vanessa has now become one of the world’s most recognized business success coaches. Her most profound passion lies in helping anyone—whether professionals, homemakers, marketers, business owners, executives, or tycoons—take their business goals, stretch them, and make them a reality. The business coach has had several years of experience equipping companies for growths of up to 100% in a year. Through her proven growth strategies, business tools, expert support, and accountability groups, Vanessa has helped many businessmen and women achieve their loftiest dreams and ambitions and more.

“Many of our clients came to us wanting to break the seven-figure ceiling or make a huge difference in the world,” shares the founder and CEO of Business Growth Academy. “Others wanted to have enough support to take the weekends off simply. Whatever the case, we’ve helped them achieve that.”

Business Growth Academy made headlines late in 2020 after word got out that forty of the company’s clients who signed up for an elite workshop generated total revenue of over $6 million within one hundred days. Vanessa and the team then ramped up that training. They packaged an exclusive mastermind program that would go on to help many business owners reach over $250,000 in revenue and scale to a $1 million valuation in record time. 

Unlike any other firm or business coaching company, Business Growth Academy stands over a set of unwavering business values, which govern the way they operate. When most entrants in the industry focus on marketing fluff and click-bait, BGA goes back to the fundamentals and never leaves that arena. The result has been more sustainable growth and a higher level of client satisfaction.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Vanessa would move to the United States after experiencing over sixteen years of business development experience. She has worked with various billion-dollar valuation corporations and served in the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Vanessa has worked in various industries, including legal, healthcare, finance, marketing, branding, and other professional services.

Business Growth Academy’s programs continue to deliver tested and proven strategies that continue to drive business sales and results today. Vanessa usually begins by teaching the nine business growth accelerators that help business owners enlarge their vision, set more strategic goals, and translate objectives into practical and achievable roadmaps to success. As a speaker and coach, Vanessa Shaw is engaged, articulate, and astute in business conversations. Her passion for coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs to be the best they can be continues to push the limits of business growth for hundreds of entrepreneurs that are part of BGA programs. 

Vanessa currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband, Robert, their two children, and a collection of pets who are considered family. Learn more about Vanessa Shaw and the Business Growth Academy by visiting their website and Vanessa’s LinkedIn account and Instagram profile.


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