Urazayeva Laura: success story of a young lashmaker or how perfect lashes and brows become essential elements of irresistible feminine image thanks to the golden hands of a Lashmaker Artist

Urazayeva Laura: success story of a young top lashmaker or how perfect lashes and brows become essential elements of irresistible feminine image thanks to the golden hands of a Lashmaker Artist
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What can make a woman happier, besides a loving family and a beloved job? Of course, flawless appearance. Creating an enchanting image is facilitated by beautiful, well-groomed lashes and brows, which are extremely important for facial harmony and beauty. The profession of a Lashmaker Artist is relatively young, but it has already won many women’s hearts and become incredibly popular in the beauty industry. The process of eyelash extensions and eyebrow shaping is not just creativity; it is a whole art, a delicate “jeweler’s” work that requires a certain talent, experience, professional skills and abilities, high-quality products for work, and tremendous patience, extreme precision, and accuracy of movements. Our heroine, Urazayeva Laura, possesses these and many other exceptional and unique qualities – she is a young, talented, creative master in eyelash extensions and brow design.

Laura was born and raised in Kazakhstan, in the small city of Aktobe. She studied at a multi-profile secondary school-lyceum with a focus on physics and mathematics. She achieved prize-winning places in Olympiads in mathematics and English language. She completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the prestigious Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, majoring in Management. In 2018, she studied under the master’s program at the Summer School of Management at Ca’Foscari University of Venice.

Laura’s parents and brother are quite distant from the Lashmaker Artist and beauty industry as a whole. Her mother is a sole proprietor involved in the rental business, while her father spent his entire career in the Department of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is now retired. Her younger brother is currently studying to become a surgeon at a medical university.

Laura developed an interest in makeup techniques during her school years. Initially, it was just a hobby, but it eventually turned into her beloved profession. While still studying at the university, Laura took numerous courses, seminars, and masterclasses on professional makeup, including Fashion makeup, volume lash extensions, coloring, and decorating eyelashes (at Bordeaux School, Sakura Lash Studio, Subbotina Yulia’s proprietary method, and others). She also received training in semi-permanent brow restoration and brow extensions at LASH&BROW DESIGN ACADEMY. In April 2017, she participated in the International Annual Championship in the Lash&Brow industry called “Your Gaze” and earned an honorable 2nd place.

Laura’s extraordinary abilities allowed her to successfully combine her studies with work. After gaining valuable experience at Nariman Las Studio in Almaty and Aiya Eyebrows Studio, she managed to open her own co-working business in 2018 — a Lash Extension Studio. Besides providing beauty services, she also started teaching others this craft. All her free time was dedicated to developing her own training courses and education system for eyelash extensions. Currently, Laura is in the process of patenting her unique proprietary techniques called “Safe Eyelash Extensions” and “Eyelash Prosthetics in the Smallest Volume.”

Achievements of a Lashmaker Artist include conducting workshops and masterclasses in Moscow, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, and the USA. Her online masterclasses and seminars are attended by people from different corners of the world. Over eight years of work, she has served more than 10,000 clients and trained over 1,000 students.

The girl is fluent in four languages: Kazakh, Russian, English, and Turkish. She takes great pride in acquiring her own property without any external financial assistance.

Thanks to her profession, Laura travels extensively. She has visited numerous cities in Turkey and America, as well as places like the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Dubai, France, Italy, and many others. Her love for an active lifestyle and diverse interests have allowed her to experience paragliding, skydiving, hiking, rafting, and other extreme activities.

Despite her adventurous pursuits, she continues to develop and improve in her main profession. As a top master, she is full of interesting ideas that she strives to implement whenever possible. Her immediate plans include establishing herself in the US market and becoming a competitive force. Undoubtedly, a strong motivation is essential for successful development. For Laura, her clients have always been and remain her driving force. She feels empowered when women leave after a procedure feeling happy. Providing beauty and a wonderful mood, boosting their self-esteem – this vocation is truly deserving of respect!

To explore Laura Urazayeva’s work and avail beauty services, you can visit her Instagram profile here: https://instagram.com/urazaeval?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== (@urazaeval).

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