Unlocking the Secrets Behind Bronwyn Leigh Jones’ Success in Oppenheim Group’s Elite Real Estate World

Bronwyn Leigh Jones
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Stepping into the world of luxury real estate with an unmatched sense of style, passion for sustainability, and an extraordinary knack for connecting with people, Bronwyn Leigh Jones has become a force to be reckoned with at the Oppenheim Group’s Corona Del Mar office. As the sun glistened off the waves along the picturesque Southern Californian coastline, we sat down with the vibrant Australian native to delve into the secrets behind her meteoric rise in the competitive world of high-end real estate. In our exclusive, candid conversation, Bronwyn opened up about her journey, her inspirations, and her vision for the future of luxury living.

How did you get started in the luxury real estate business, and what drew you to the Oppenheim Group?

Throughout my life, I’ve always been attracted to aesthetically beautiful and unique architectural and fashion designs. One of my favorite pastimes has always been spending countless hours scrolling and searching for stunning properties that I would imagine buying and living in one day. So when my close friends Brett and Jason Oppenheim started their O group brokerage, my two close girlfriends Amanza Smith and Mary Fitzgerald became agents there. It was a natural progression for me to take real estate more seriously, get my real estate license and start not only helping my clients buy and sell their properties and to start investing in real estate myself. After getting my support, The Oppenheim Group seemed like the ideal match for me, given that I knew that mastering the luxury market was the niche I needed to satisfy the requirements of most of my high-net-worth clients. I feel at home here at The O Group, because we treat each other like family. We work hard, hang out, and sometimes fight together, lol! But that’s what families do, right? I feel very supported by our team, as we are always there for one another. 

What sets the Oppenheim Group apart from other luxury real estate agencies in Orange County?  

Our brokerage differentiates itself by being more creative and less corporate than many other brokerages. We have designed a workspace that deviates from traditional settings and fosters a lively atmosphere which makes going to work fun! We have a full bar and a pool table where we can entertain our clients and friends for meetings and events or simply to just have a game on. Our new office has become a social hub of Corona Del Mar’s main strip, which provides a laid-back and enjoyable vibe. However, on the other hand, we all work very diligently, and the office can become fiercely competitive at times. The only way to have a private conversation about an upcoming listing or lead is by going into the “THE VAULT.”

Jason Oppenheim has done an amazing job of building an incredible brand and team, along with keeping the consistency of the brand throughout the new offices here in OC and the newest offices in San Diego and Cabo. Our marketing capabilities are also world-class, and we are lucky to be able to offer our clients a unique set of services that many other brokerages can’t provide. We all know how lucky we are to be part of this brokerage. I feel an immense sense of pride and responsibility to carry forward the same positive energy and work culture that Jason and Brett established in LA and maintain down in Orange County. So far, our brokerage has achieved tremendous success, having transacted over $1B in real estate sales and $300 million in active listings. 

How has the luxury real estate market in Orange County evolved over the years, and what trends do you see emerging in the near future?

Smart home technologies, luxury wellness amenities, sustainable construction, and design are trending amenities that luxury home buyers are pivoting to. I am seeing more demand for life/work mixed-use spaces and wellness homes with luxury modern applications and aesthetics. People want to feel healthier in their homes and their workspace but still want a modern design that’s aesthetically innovative yet as sustainable and organic as possible. My business background has been deeply grounded in venture capital for over ten years, primarily in green tech and sustainability, spanning the public and private sectors. Wellness-smart homes are the future of the modern luxury real estate. In addition to being a realtor, I have a certification as a NAR green designee which allows me to advise homeowners, builders, and developers on the newest green technologies available to them as the world continues to move forward into a more carbon-neutral, environmentally safer future. 

What is your approach to marketing and showcasing luxury properties to attract the right clientele?  

We are lucky enough at the O group to have access to the channels created by the TV series “Selling Sunset” and its spin-off series “Selling The OC.” Our luxury listings are featured on the Netflix TV series. We have even launched our own real estate magazine called “Sunset Living,” enabling us to showcase our properties not only on our website and social media accounts but also through the TV series and magazine. These marketing avenues offer significant exposure for our luxury property listings and provide an unparalleled advantage for our clients. Additionally, luxury buyers seek unique and exclusive experiences, so I strive to make touring a luxury property feel like an immersive experience by emphasizing its location, amenities, history, and unique features. After all, each home offers a different experience, energy, and emotion.

How do you build and maintain relationships with high-net-worth clients in a competitive real estate market?  

I always stay available to my clients and ensure they know they have my undivided attention. My approach is straightforward – I work hard for each client and am always honest and transparent. I’ve spent 20 years in LA and OC cultivating strong personal and business relationships, translating to many clients and friends in venture capital, green technology, and the entertainment biz entrusting me with their property ventures. Building and maintaining these kinds of relationships takes time, understanding, and trust. I do very little personal marketing as most of my business comes from my existing clients or referrals from my network of close business relationships and friends. I also just became a member of Nexus Network. We are a network of elite agents across the country. Our group specializes in relocating pro athletes, celebs, and entertainment execs to their new homes, often to start a recent filming or sports season. 

As a luxury realtor, what key features or amenities are your clients increasingly seeking in their dream homes? 

Most clients buy in OC for the coastal aspects, ocean views, larger lots, and larger sq ft homes with luxury amenities like screening rooms, guest houses, larger yards, pools, gyms, incredible art walls, water walls, and living walls. Huge spacious built-out garages appeal to car collectors, often building out these spaces to include a modern man cave, bar, and game room entertainment space. The OC has more spacious outdoor entertaining area space than most cities. Many families gravitate toward safer, gated communities in excellent school districts. Buyers are also drawn to OC for the lifestyle, boating, beaches, great restaurants, and shopping. During and since covid, we have seen a rise in East Coasters buying homes in OC. They are relocating or buying second homes here. 

How do you balance the art of negotiation with the desire to provide exceptional customer service in the luxury real estate sector? 

Listening to my client’s wants and needs, transparency, and patience are key factors in being a highly respected agent. As realtors, we must conduct extensive research, keep up with current market trends, rates, and study comps to advise and negotiate on behalf of our clients. Maintaining integrity is paramount, and knowing various areas and markets is crucial. 

What advice would you give someone looking to enter the luxury real estate market as a buyer, seller, or agent? 

After studying the areas you want to farm, be social. Go out and meet people. Door knock if your space allows it. Start conversations with people in the area. Be active in community, school, church, gym, and city events. Finding a mentor to work alongside who is willing to guide you and teach you the nuisances you will need to become a high-performing agent is vital. The opportunity to gain field experience by working closely with a successful mentor is invaluable. Two of my mentors who have guided me in this new sector are Jason Oppenheim, who believed in me and gave me my first break into the industry. Also, Brian Furstenfeld from our OC office has been guiding me since. Both have a combined 50 yrs of real estate experience. I’ve learned much from them, and working alongside them has made me a more savvy negotiator.  

Can you share any upcoming luxury real estate projects or listings in Orange County that you are particularly excited about?

I have a unique oceanfront property in China Cove in Corona Del Mar, where the historical “China House” once stood. There is a lot of history about this location and the hidden cove and beach steps away from home. This listing is a rare and unique property that shares absolute ocean frontage with only four other homes in the same cove. Houses rarely become available for sale here, making it a unique offering.


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