Unisa Kamara Partners With Shawn Fair Paving the Way for the UK Youth

In today’s corporate landscape, badges of excellence are manifested not only in how well a particular business can sustain a competitive advantage but also in its ability to make a meaningful impact on society. As a matter of fact, two of the industry’s leading authorities have come together to spark a purposeful and revolutionary movement. Using their influence, Shawn Fair and Unisa Kamara set out to strike a positive change and make the world a better place.

Over the past year, the rate of teen crime has increased by 1.3%. Although this may not seem like a significant upturn, it is still alarming, considering that 90% of the crimes are committed annually by youth offenders. For this reason, Shawn Fair and Unisa Kamara have stepped into the challenge of leading the youths and pushing them in the right direction. It is their goal to arm children and young individuals with the strength, education, and wisdom necessary for them to live a joyous and wonderful life.

Aside from a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, Shawn Fair is also one of the most sought-after and coveted consultants for corporate behemoths in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Through his strategic techniques, genuine personal coaching, and training service, he helps leaders identify their blind spots and take down barriers. With his comprehensive and first-hand experience in the industry, this laudable figure has become an efficient trainer for companies and individuals.

Shawn Fair has delivered top-notch, world-class, and award-winning presentations that have allowed companies to create a more dynamic environment for their employees. On top of that, he has developed a program geared towards bringing people to greater heights. Above anything else, this esteemed luminary serves as a mentor, coach, and leader for the youth. He believes that every child should have a vision that stands as an attractive, realistic, and credible snapshot of their future.

Standing at the helm of Kamara Youth UK, Unisa Kamara partners with Shawn Fair, whose advocacies for the youth are in alignment with his. This visionary leader aims to reduce youth crimes through support, encouragement, and a program rooted in passion and concern for society.

“We understand that these young individuals still have a bright future ahead of them. In fact, they can still become pillars in their respective communities,” Unisa Kamara said in an interview. “We are here to create a pathway for our youths so that they can lead the next generation one day,” he added.

Kamara Youths (www.kamarayouths.com) UK’s goal extends to enhancing and protecting the welfare of the communities’ supporters, members, and youth. The organization’s vision includes a no-compromise effort to offer up-to-date advice that caters to others’ needs continually. In this way, it can build a long-term relationship that empowers and motivates the youths to become better versions of themselves.

In the coming years, Shawn Fair and Unisa Kamara hope to serve not only the youths in the UK but also other children abroad. As corporate experts, they also wish to continue helping and fostering leaders in corporate America.

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