Trevor Warner: A Veteran’s Entrepreneurial Approach to Risk Mitigation and Security Operations

Trevor Warner
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Trevor Warner is a renowned expert in risk mitigation, with an impressive background spanning military service, special operations, and corporate security consulting. His diverse range of skills and experience enables him to offer comprehensive and effective solutions to his clients’ security challenges.

Trevor’s career began with his service in the United States military, where he served for nearly eight years in the 101st Airborne Division. During his time in the military, he gained experience in tactical operations, personnel management, and combat deployments, providing him with a solid foundation in risk assessment and mitigation.

After his military service, Trevor joined OGA Special Operations Team, where he further developed his skills in force multiplication, vulnerability and threat assessments, and unconventional tactics. He worked on numerous classified missions, which required him to analyze complex situations and develop effective solutions.

Trevor’s extensive experience in special operations led him to transition to executive protection and security advising for high-profile companies such as Pfizer and Boehringer Ingelheim. He worked closely with executives and decision-makers to assess their security risks and develop tailored strategies that addressed their unique needs and goals.

Throughout his career, Trevor has honed his skills in risk mitigation, force multiplication, vulnerability and threat assessments, and unconventional tactics, allowing him to offer a comprehensive range of security solutions. His expertise has contributed to the success of his clients, who have benefited from his ability to identify potential threats and develop effective mitigation strategies.

Trevor’s entrepreneurial mindset has also been instrumental in his success, allowing him to understand the business perspective and offer tailored strategies that address his clients’ specific needs and goals. His ability to think creatively and outside the box has enabled him to develop innovative solutions that have helped his clients achieve their objectives while maintaining their safety and security.

In conclusion, Trevor Warner is a highly respected professional in risk mitigation, with a unique combination of military, special operations, and corporate security experience. His diverse skill set, entrepreneurial mindset, and ability to develop comprehensive and effective solutions make him a valuable asset to any organization in need of security consulting, risk mitigation, or vulnerability assessments. 

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