Travel Destinations: Put Incredible Malta On Your Must-See List For 2023

Island Life – With a Twist.


As hard as it can be for some, there are a lot of reasons for executives to take a break.

Experts say taking time away from your desk can do wonders for your health, mental wellness and general frame of mind. And though many might focus on the cost of flights and hotels, travel can help build your wealth too. After all, you make better decisions when you are well-rested and less stressed – and travel might be the ticket. 

Lonely Planet’s 2023 list of fantastic locations includes a recommendation that people “unwind” with a “stroll around the prehistoric temples of Malta.” This might be a mystery to most North American readers, so let’s unpack some of what you need to know about this often-missed jewel of the Mediterranean. If you talk to people who have been there, you start to realize: It’s a place that everyone who visits falls in love with. 

It’s a bit of a cliche in travel articles to say, “there’s something there for everyone,” but in Malta, it couldn’t be more true.  

The country is a small island nation made up of several islands. Tourists can visit the main island of Malta, the smaller north island of Gozo, and tiny Comino, where only four people live full time but which boasts a hotel, several restaurants and the very famous (and highly instagrammable) Blue Lagoon! 

Both Malta and Gozo are jam-packed full of beautiful beaches, high-end shopping, delicious food and fascinating history from the temples Lonely Planet mentions to the baroque churches and medieval walled cities.   

If you are interested in history, there is no doubt that you will be fascinated by the Museum at St Elmo in Valletta, which takes you from antiquity through details of the Great Siege of 1565 – the site of battles that may have changed the course of human history, then walks you through the second world war years (the country was known as the Nurse of The Mediterranean. It also distinguished itself for bravery and once again was an important battlefield, and remnants of those days can be seen across the country. In Gozo, the much quieter, more pastoral island, you find the city of Victoria), you find the imposing and impressive Citadel – where you can visit the remains of Roman settlements, visit old jail cells and several museums. Don’t miss Mdina. They filmed the blockbuster television show Game Of Thrones there, but as world traveler Tracy Lamourie says, “that just might be the least interesting thing about it!”  

“Mdina is one of my favorite places on earth,” says Lamourie. “There’s just something so special about walking down those timeless, narrow streets that transports you to a different world.”  

There is a timeless quality about Malta. You can literally walk the paths of some of the earliest people on the planet. The temples that Lonely Planet mentioned are perhaps the oldest structures in human history – and these two small islands are rich in more than 30 prehistoric and neolithic sites.

“Malta is history on top of history on top of history,” Lamourie says. “And you can still see all of it. Get there – you’ll be glad you did!” she adds with enthusiasm.


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