Transforming From a Boss to a Leader With Communications Coach Marjo Hellman of Magnetic Executive

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In this day and age we not only wish to be successful in business, we seek influence and societal recognition as well. In short; we don’t want to “just” be bosses, we covet to be leaders with a capital L. But how does one navigate this daunting landscape of social approval, influence, and authority? That’s exactly where international communications coach Marjo Hellman of Magnetic Executive comes in. She employs her background in Nordic leadership, TV news journalism and performing on stage to provide award-winning communication consultancy to the leaders of tomorrow. 

‘For years I hesitated to reveal my background in theatre,’ Marjo recounts on her Instagram. The successful international executive communications coach reveals that, in the beginning, she was afraid that an executive career wouldn’t mix with her former artistic pursuit of the performing arts. As Marjo now realises, she couldn’t have been more wrong — experience in theatre, music, and dance are some of the best skills to have as a communications coach. ‘Awareness of things such as posture, body language, intonation, and facial expression are just as relevant within the boardroom as they are on stage,’ Marjo explains.  

Marjo incorporates her theatrical background into her M.A.G.N.E.T. framework to transform high-performing executives into influential leaders through magnetic communication. Through the exclusive Magnetic Executive coaching programme, Marjo teaches her clients to upgrade their leadership and communication skills, confidently communicate in high-pressure situations, and sell their ideas to any public by creating awareness of their presence — meaning, cues such as non-verbal communication that often go unnoticed by the speaker. ‘It can be little things: turning your body and shoulders towards the speaker, or not hiding your hands in your pockets. These seemingly innocuous habits truly have a big impact on your overall presence,’ Marjo explains. According to research, showing your hands signals to others that you can be trusted – thus, showing your hands whether you are on a Zoom call or speaking on stage, is a smart move that gives you more credibility. 

Marjo’s unique approach to communication goes much further than just presenting or speaking. This is why her coaching begins with getting clear on your vision and changing your self-communication – what you say externally to others is the final step. 

“People generally think of powerful communication as the words you say and how you present yourself. But if you want to be a truly authentic, magnetic communicator, you have to start from within. Otherwise your communication will fall flat”, Marjo explains.

Starting from within means that a leader has to recognise who she desires to become (vision), how she communicates with herself (self-talk) and how she wants to feel (emotions)-  and how she wants her audience to feel as a result of her communication.

“In magnetic leadership, being is more important than doing. Great communication always begins with ‘being’. You have to be the person and start acting like the person you desire to become. Your magnetic communication will follow”.

Marjo Hellman is dedicated to empowering women leaders through magnetic communication, grounded in the principles of authentic, equal, and empathetic Nordic leadership. 

“I believe in the power of authenticity, equality and intuition, and I incorporate these principles into my Magnetic Executive Coaching program, where I help leaders tap into their full potential and drive success not just in the physical world, but also in the exciting new business opportunities of the metaverse.”

Essentially, Marjo makes use of her unique approach to leadership communication that provides prospective leaders with the skills and confidence to set themselves and their organisations apart. Interested to hear how your communications skills might be holding you back to become the leader you could be? Book a one-on-one consultation with Marjo at Magnetic Executive! 


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