Transcending Gender Norms: Kevin Loeffler’s Journey to Becoming “Finally Kevin,” Almost 50 Years in the Making

Transcending Gender Norms: Kevin Loeffler's Journey to Becoming “Finally Kevin,” Almost 50 Years in the Making
Photo Credited to Kevin Loeffler

As the former CEO of SalesVelocity and one who has always lived their life the way any typical businessman would, Kevin Loeffler (they/themme) has had their fair share of battling corporate wars. However, beneath the surface lay a tumultuous struggle with their identity, leading them down a path of substance abuse and unhealthy coping mechanisms. It was a life lived in the shadows.

Kevin embarked on a journey of profound self-discovery nearly 50 years in the making. Now, at 63 years old, Kevin is a testament to the enduring power of authenticity. Their story is one of transformation from a life marred by untruths and struggles to one of genuine self-expression and purpose.

Before today’s society

It has always been a man’s world for decades. While this notion has mostly oppressed women, rarely is it talked about that it also oppresses men who want to live their lives differently. Kevin is one of them. They have always been attuned to their feminine side, but with the lack of acceptance that had been more rampant in the past years than it is now, they knew it was a side they needed to hide. 

Coping up was no easy feat. Kevin drowned their struggles of wanting to break free and keeping it all at the expense of their own health and their relationship with friends, family, and supposed life partners. 

“I did not want to be an active addict from age 15 to 63, but I need to go on the record that I was. I need to see it on paper. I haven’t had a drink for over 32 years. Still, if I am completely honest, which I have to be  today, there wasn’t more than a year or two  here and there that I didn’t put some type of chemical in my body to alter how I felt,” Kevin shares on the preface of his book, “Finally Kevin – A True Story of A Queer Recovering Addict.”

Living authentically and championing inclusivity

Today, Kevin showcases themself with pride. Their decades of struggles all led to one resounding conclusion: They want to continue living, and this time, with utmost authenticity. They want to show the world that if someone like them – one who had struggled for nearly 50 years shackled by substances and living life on the edge – can break free, then anyone can, too. Kevin is redefining societal norms as they embrace and proudly present themself as a straight femme man who loves women yet loves what women love – nylons, jewelry,  makeup, pretty nails, false lashes, and so much more. 

Kevin is also redirecting their leadership skills and experiences as the Head of Strategic Initiatives at Gender Fair, an organization tirelessly working towards gender equality and fairness. They advocate for a world where individuals can thrive irrespective of their gender identity or expression through their work.

In addition, Kevin’s forthcoming book, “Finally Kevin – A True Story of A Queer Recovering Addict,” promises to be a source of hope and inspiration for those grappling with their identities. It’s more than a memoir; it’s a journey of overcoming societal barriers and embracing one’s truth. Through their words, Kevin aspires to inspire others to find their true, authentic, transparent selves, regardless of age or societal constraints.

“If writing this book helps another person like me put their lash extensions on one day sooner, it will mean the world to me,” Kevin concludes. 

A Journey of Courage and Inspiration

Kevin Loeffler’s story is a powerful reminder that it’s never too late to embrace who you truly are. Their life, once shadowed by the pain of living a lie, now shines brightly as a symbol of courage, hope, and authenticity. In living their truth, Kevin is not just transforming their own life; they are lighting the way for others to follow.


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