Tim Gillen Mixing Up a Drink to Success and the Pursuit of Happiness

Tim Gillen, Founder and CEO of Jerzey Jungle LLC

The party scene is often seen as a way to spend one’s hard-earned money after a long week’s work. But innovators like Tim Gillen sees the whole ecosphere from an upside-down perspective and treats the night scene as a gold mine for budding entrepreneurs. Today, the king of the New Jersey nightlife industry has cemented a legacy as one of the top entrepreneurs in the area. 

It’s hard to miss the ingenuity that Tim Gillen possesses. From an early age, he already showed his entrepreneurial prowess, taking every opportunity to flip a product or work on some level of arbitrage. For example, Gillen started buying sunglasses in bulk in college and sold them to his peers for a quick buck. Soon enough, he would find his way into the bar and club scene as a DJ, in which he would become highly successful as an entertainer and a nightlife manager.

For years, Gillen went by his stage name “DJ Tim Shady” and became one of the most in-demand performers in the Garden State area. But he stayed hungry for more and continued to remain on the lookout for new opportunities. Later, he would start a brand of Jungle Juice called “Jerzey Jungle,” which would skyrocket in popularity across the night scene in New Jersey and the rest of the region.

Jungle Juice goes by the slogan, “the best Jungle Juice comes from Jersey,” honoring the founder’s roots and tapping into a whole market for liquor and party experiences. After years of investing time and energy into his product, Tim Gillen would help raise the business to significant heights. Today Jerzey Jungle has entered many stores in the state and become one of the most successful local liquor businesses. After five months in the market, it continues to climb in popularity and overall sales.

After ten years in business, Gillen now has two highly successful companies: Jerzey Jungle LLC and TJG Investments. “I created [my businesses] because I love having fun,” shares Tim on what motivates him to thrive in entrepreneurship. “I love liquor, nightlife, bars and everything about the entertainment industry. It has always been my passion. I also love everything about being born and raised in New Jersey. We have an attitude that embraces living life to its fullest. We’re loud, proud and unafraid of letting loose and having a good time.”

Tim maintains that entrepreneurship isn’t easy. But the challenges served as a testing ground that would refine his love for business. Despite the many times that others would doubt him or question the business mogul’s capacity, he would use that as fuel to push him even further and prove to the world that anything is possible with tenacity, the right work ethic, and a passion for what one does.

Despite being highly dedicated to his ventures, Gillen still loves to spend time with his family and friends and takes time off to enjoy vacations and slow days with those that matter to him. But when it comes time to hustle, he puts everything on the table. He hopes to one day turn Jerzey Jungle into a national and even global brand. He is driven to succeed and “eats success for breakfast,” as he would put it. 

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