The Launch Introduces New Program to Help Mompreneurs Juggle Business and Motherhood

Most critics would say that a full-time mother can’t build a business with a six-figure income today. However, mothers like PR mogul and entrepreneur Lynn Mooney have proven time and time again that, while it is very challenging to strike a balance between a career and raising a family, it is not impossible. To help mothers learn Lynn’s secrets, her company, The Launch, introduces a sub-brand called Naptime CEO.

The Naptime CEO’s signature program focuses heavily on providing a practical guide for working mothers who wish to build their own empire. With the belief that having children and raising a family should never hinder women from pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, the program provides the necessary tools mothers need to understand and learn the basics of establishing, running, and growing a business during the child-rearing years. The program will also reveal company founder Lynn Mooney’s personal experience, who raised two young children while she worked to establish The Launch, a thriving PR firm she introduced in 2019.

The phenomenal success of The Launch is something that its founder hopes to achieve with Naptime CEO. Designed to help mothers make a positive shift towards their goals, Naptime CEO encourages fearlessness in the pursuit of dreams—without compromising precious time for family.

Naptime CEO is a community for entrepreneurial mothers filled with empowerment, resources, and support. It encourages mothers to grow their business at the pace they can afford using signature time management and business-boosting techniques. There is no such thing as a standard 9 to 5 for mompreneurs, and success is possible even with limited hours. Ultimately, the program will enable mothers to realize that they can build a brand and still be phenomenal mothers to their children at the same time.

Prior to launching her own business in 2019, Lynn Mooney was already an exceptional PR expert and business builder who received awards for her remarkable feats. And in less than nine months, she transformed The Launch into a six-figure business while pregnant and raising a toddler.

“Motherhood and entrepreneurship are two of the most rewarding, yet challenging, journeys a woman can take on in her life,” Lynn says. “Until quite recently, it was common for new mothers to have to choose between the two—have a business or have a family. But times have changed and with it a rise in mother-owned businesses. These women are carving a new path and proving once and for all that you can have both a career and a family,” she explains. “When I started on this journey, I didn’t know where to look for support or resources. I couldn’t find my tribe, so I decided to create it with Naptime CEO.”

Mothers just like Lynn are embracing the new normal of working from home and flexible hours.  And with the dramatic changes in the current business climate, there is no doubt that more and more mothers will pursue their passions and start building their business empires in the coming years. When they do, they can look to Naptime CEO for support.


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