When one thinks of peacemaking, the first thought in your mind is probably not financial unless you are His Excellency Sir Patrick Bijou.

As a highly sought after hedge fund manager and award-winning international banker, Sir Patrick is also the inventor of the economic phenomenon of Contract for Difference (CFD), a genuinely pioneering concept that today’s banks and trading institutions adopt. CFD has changed how trades are executed across capital markets using clever leverage and notional funding ratios. He did not just create concepts but has also authored books and journals about CFD, offering his valuable insight on becoming wealthy executing his strategies on asset management and wealth creation. 

Only a handful of personalities in finance have made a name for themselves on a global level. Sir Patrick is one of them. There are many reasons why he was knighted by the authority of the Knights of Malter and Sovereign Rulers in 2018. He is an award-winning investment banker, a senior sovereign judge for the International Court of Justice and International Criminal Courts,  Ambassador for the UN, Philanthropist and distinguished best selling author. 

Sir Patrick studied in America and completed his bachelor’s in Business Studies and master’s in Economics and International Banking at Camden County  College in the USA in 1982. He also earned several degrees from Southampton University, England, and the University of Hertfordshire, England. He finally obtained his PhD in Economics from Haworth College of Business.

He has demonstrated exceptional analytical abilities to resolve international law and provide advisory views on legal and political matters referred to him by authorized United Nations organs and various organizations throughout his career. With over 

three decades of experience in multiple sectors, including politics, and international relations, he has leveraged his substantial knowledge at the ICJ-ICC and the United Nations through these relationships. 

He is a Peace Ambassador for the UN and World Peace Tract and is currently involved in peace talks with the Nigerian and British governments. He regularly delivers talks on the genocide experienced in Nigeria and surrounding countries and offers support for the current peace negotiations in Ukraine and the Russian conflict. 

He was appointed  Ambassador and Governor at the American University For Global Peace and The Academy of Universal Global Peace USA (AUGP). Sir Patrick has received peace prizes and human excellence awards for his work and advice he continues to share. As a renowned author, passionate philanthropist and humanitarian, he is a committed climate activist and regularly works with The Creative Society and Allatra TV.

Born in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, he moved to Britain after his father secured his scholarship to study. When his parents decided to build a new life in Britain, the young Patrick was only five. He was raised in northwest London and completed his primary and secondary education in England before moving to America to conclude his studies. 

Sir Patrick started his professional career in 1986 at Wells Fargo Bank on Wall Street and later worked on the trading floor, specializing in derivates and the debt markets. He excelled as a bond trader and took up opportunities at various banks, including Deutsche and Merrill Lynch. In 1991, he established himself in the specialist area of private placement and structured products on his return to England. Responsible for creating the MTN & Private Placement Desk and dealer function within Lloyds Bank PLC. He was the first trader for Lloyd’s treasury, which increased the portion of self-led deals significantly from 4% to 32% in 2002.

He went on and founded “The Tiger Fund” and, in recent years, worked as a Hedge Fund Manager for Blackstone. One of his most significant career achievements was the creation of lines of credit for international supply chains and SMEs for the public sector and government funding. He has also fashioned the economic phenomenon of Contract for Difference (CFD), a hugely pioneering concept that today’s banks and trading institutions implement. It became the distinguishing feature of his PhD thesis. Ref: Impact of Quantitative Easing Measures on Interest Rates, Financial Markets, and Economic Activity: A USA Case Study to the Department of Finance and Commercial Law at the Haworth College of Business.

As an author he has published numerous fiction novels ranging from adventurous, thrilling, romantic, and criminal, ensuring they have an appeal to everyone. His outstanding professional and philanthropic support have earned him international acclaim, highlighting him as a capable academic and intellectual. He is equally admired for his humanitarian work, including Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, The World Peace Tract, and several other charitable organizations and NGOs.

Belief and vision

Sir Patrick has a career that spans over three decades, during which he has shown his excellence in a wide range of roles. He firmly believes that continuous learning fosters enduring growth, and has dedicated most of his career to mentoring, teaching, and guiding the upcoming generation of traders, investors and entrepreneurs. 

His vision in life is to help people take inspired actions towards their goals through unbiased education. He encourages them to follow their dream to create a better world and leave behind a lasting legacy. He believes that creativity, imagination, and resilience can realize even the most far-reaching dreams. It’s his noble dream to create a world where everyone lives compassionately and expresses their creative ideas more freely.

Guiding principles

Sir Patrick firmly pronounces that innovation is driving the business world today. New ideas fuel businesses towards growth and success—an idea that has been presented in most of his books and training programs. He believes that entrepreneurship is based on ambitious action and nurturing an innovative spirit that can elevate people’s business acumen and take them close to unimaginable success.

Over the years, Sir Patrick’s involvement with various charitable organizations is a testament to his empathetic and altruistic nature. He loves serving humanity and wishes to make a positive difference in people’s lives. As an exemplar of innovative thinking, business perception and humaneness, he desires to follow his unique path in life and encourage others to follow their dreams and aspirations.

His Excellency is Director-General and heads World Peace Ambassador of Europe for World Peace Tracts, an international NGO incorporated and based in Sweden since 2007.

As in a family, Sir Patrick believes that there is no peace unless everyone gets treated fairly. He understands that the same is true for nations, subnational regions and tribes.

The Shaun Evans was able to pull Sir Patrick away from his busy

schedule for a brief interview.

Shaun Evans:

Sir Patrick, Thank you for taking the time to address our audience.

You are very accomplished and successful; why do you trouble yourself with philanthropy and peacemaking?

Sir Patrick:

I believe that as a member of the human family, if one of us goes to the moon, we shall all want to do the same, and if one of us climbs Mount Everest, it’s as if we did it for the human race. Conversely, the same is true: if one of us or a group of us are suffering in war and misery, none of us should or will be at peace as with the current conflict and war in Ukraine.

I believe that separation is an illusion, which philosophers have taught throughout the ages, and science has now caught up and called it quantum entanglement, which is the basis for quantum computing.

Furthermore, my ethnic heritage is part African and affects me in a more personal way, as the continent of Africa is in a perpetual state of war and misery.

Shaun Evans 

Very profound, sir.

Can you tell us about the organization, World Peace Tracts? What do they do?

Sir Patrick;

We are a worldwide diplomatic organization with over 600 world peace ambassadors in over 100 countries, from Australia to Zimbabwe.

Our mission is to deconflict tensions, release captives, broker ceasefires and provide relief and hope to victims on the ground with aid and messages of truth that give hope and dispel lies and hatred.

Shaun Evans 

What makes your organization different from others?

Sir Patrick

Unlike other diplomatic missions from government or nonprofit organizations burdened with a history of opinions and taking sides, WPT is non-political and does not take sides in a conflict nor proclaim the validity of one side. We believe that this staunch neutral stance gives us a diplomatic edge as an honest and impartial broker for peace. This is why we were founded in Sweden, a neutral country.

Shaun Evans 

Fascinating. Can you tell us some areas where you are working on peacemaking?

Sir Patrick

We have engaged in the Middle East conflict with Israel and Gaza. We are also involved with peace talks in Africa and are working to revive and supersede Sudan’s failed Juba peace agreement. We are also working to prevent a religious genocide in Nigeria, in the systematic killings of Christians perpetrated by Militant Islamists whom the Islamic government encourages.

Much of our work is confidential, and no one ever learns that wars never began, lives were saved, and wars ended. This often happens without the public ever learning of what we accomplished.

Shaun Evans 

Very intriguing.

Can you tell us how someone can go about becoming a world peace ambassador or supporting your work?

Sir Patrick

We welcome the participation of high calibre individuals and responsible companies who wish to partner with us and back our mission. Again, this is only for serious applicants prepared to invest materially and financially in donations and with their time when available. We want quality over quantity.

Shaun Evans 

Again your Excellency, thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule. We will put a link where people and companies can donate and participate in your fine organization.

Best of luck in all of your endeavours, and thank you for your service to humanity.

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