The Determined Path to Success: The Journey of Brian Latham Jr. & Valiq Rogers

The Determined Path to Success: The Journey of Brian Latham Jr. & Valiq Rogers
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The entrepreneurial landscape is dotted with stories of perseverance, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of freedom. Among these narratives, the journey of Brian Latham Jr. & Valiq Rogers, co-founders of Accelerate To Six Figures LLC, stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of entrepreneurship.

Motivated by the desire for autonomy and the determination to reclaim their time, Latham and Rogers embarked on a journey that many dream of but few dare to tread. Their venture, Accelerate To Six Figures, was born out of a conviction that life should not be dictated by anyone else’s terms. This belief is the foundation upon which they have built their business and their lives.

The road to success was not straightforward for these entrepreneurs. It was riddled with uncertainty, sacrifices, and a series of trials and errors. Yet, their commitment to growth—turning losses into lessons—catapulted their business endeavors to new heights. From Latham’s transition from a $10.75 an hour job to becoming a six-figure real estate flipper, to Rogers’ shift from welding to successfully investing in Airbnb properties, their stories are a powerful narrative of transformation.

The most significant challenges they faced revolved around the sheer grit required to invest in themselves without a guaranteed outcome. They had to shed old lifestyles and habits, bravely stepping into the unknown. Their guiding philosophy, “It has to work or it has to work,” eliminated any notion of a fallback plan, cementing their commitment to making their singular vision a reality.

Accelerate To Six Figures LLC aims to empower the younger generation, particularly those poised to escalate their lives tenfold. They provide more than just advice; they offer a gateway to substantial funding, enabling their clients to start investing in real estate and to carve their paths to financial independence.

Looking ahead, Latham and Rogers envision a future where they can inspire others to live beyond societal expectations and chase their dreams with fervor. Their advice to budding entrepreneurs is to cultivate the right mindset and skill set, and to seek guidance from those who have already reached the pinnacles they aspire to.

Leadership for them is about action and personal growth. They focus on developing themselves to forge leaders within their community, leading by example and demonstrating the power of continuous self-investment.

Balancing the intense demands of entrepreneurship with personal life, they advocate for celebrating milestones, however small, and resting only when goals are achieved, a philosophy that ensures they never grow complacent.

Engaging actively within the entrepreneurial ecosystem through networking and mentorship, they stress the importance of surrounding oneself with individuals who have already attained the success they are working towards. This engagement not only opens doors to new ideas and perspectives but also solidifies their standing in the entrepreneurial community.

Latham and Rogers’ journey is a clear message: entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. It demands an all-or-nothing approach, a readiness to commit fully, and the courage to persist against all odds.

To follow their journey and insights, connect with Brian Latham Jr. & Valiq Rogers on Instagram at @onebrianlatham and @mr.antifatigue, and explore the services they offer at

Their narrative is more than just a success story; it’s an ongoing chronicle of ambition, tenacity, and the unwavering belief in the power of dreams.


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