The Colorful World of Dating: An Exploration of Roni Davis’s Color Code Dating Method

The Colorful World of Dating: An Exploration of Roni Davis's Color Code Dating Method
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Life would be quite monotonous without colors, wouldn’t it? The same is true in the context of dating. Roni Davis, a successful relationship expert and innovative entrepreneur, has recognized this and has, therefore, given relationships a colorful twist. Davis is the creator of the unique tool, known as the Color Code Dating (CCD) Method. The transformative journey of conceptualizing and creating this method is detailed in her book, “How to be Single: Color Code Dating and The Love Cycle.”

The bedrock principle of the CCD method is simply this: Dating is a spectrum, replete with varying tempos, styles, and outcomes. She engineered this ground-breaking idea into a practical day-to-day tool by associating unique characteristics to each color.

The color orange, for instance, is dedicated to the realm of the friend zone. These are individuals who fit well into your life as friends but do not spark a romantic or sexual interest in you. Orange personalities may have a lot in common with you, and your chemistry with them is riveting. Yet, they remain firmly rooted in the friend zone, never crossing the line into potential dating partners.

Yellow is the color of budding possibility and growth. When you encounter someone yellow, you feel an instant sense of familiarity. They grab your attention enough for you to go on dates with them, share a few kisses, perhaps even some light intimacy. However, they do not excite you sexually enough to pursue a full-fledged relationship or engage in intercourse.

Blue, the color of calm and depth, is reserved for individuals in long-distance relationships. Blues are not in your physical region, hence, they become the distant oceans in your life—innate, in and out, never fully settled.

Green, the epitome of life, growth, and money, symbolizes your sugar daddies or sugar mamas—individuals who are financially capable and willing to support you monetarily. However, with greens, this monetary gain doesn’t stem from an emotional connection or liking, but from a purely financial perspective.

Contrastingly, reds intensify your life with sheer passion. Red symbolizes no-strings-attached relationships—essentially about sex, late-night hookups, and passion in itself, sans deep emotional or conversational connections.

The last color, black, is the realization of ultimate dating potential—it signifies instant love at first sight, an immediate sensation that you’ve found your perfect match.

The Colorful World of Dating: An Exploration of Roni Davis's Color Code Dating Method
Photo Courtesy: Betting Horse Productions

Davis doesn’t merely limit the application of her Color Code Method to the initial dating stages. It applies equally well to the universal stages of a relationship cycle. Initially, you experience the ‘blackout,’ a stage overflowing with communication, chemistry, and bliss. Unfortunately, this initial intensity gradually fades, setting the stage for more labor-intensive efforts to maintain the relationship. If both partners don’t commit enough effort, the relationship inevitably ends.

Post-breakup, individuals transition into ‘clear’ —this is a vital stage of healing and self-love, where one should avoid dating and focus on self-recovery instead.

Then comes the final stage: the resumption of dating empowered with the clarity and insights from the Color Code Dating method.

The Colorful World of Dating: An Exploration of Roni Davis's Color Code Dating Method
Photo Courtesy: Betting Horse Productions

And Davis is not stopping at the CCD method and her book; she is slated to start a TV show based on the book and the method this month. A book tour is also launching in February.

If Davis’s innovative Color Code Dating method has piqued your interest, you can learn more about it and purchase her book on Follow @ColorCodeDating on Instagram.

As Davis would say, in the course of hunting down the perfect shade of love, be it azure, cherry or mint, never forget the basic simplicity of her philosophy: “Find love!”


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