The Answer to Flawless Skin and Rounded Curves – Boustise Bum Bum Enhancement Cream

Flawless skin, rounded curves, and a youthful appearance are the common threads that run through many women’s beauty aspirations. Thankfully, the revolutionary brand, Epigentix Boustise, has transformed these desires into reality. 

Epigentix Boustise – Next Generation Body Curve Enhancement Products

Founded by former Miss Earth Suriname, Giselle Reinberg, Boustise stands tall as the leader in women’s body curve enhancement products. Selling in the USA and Germany, and recently achieving a successful launch in the Middle East, Boustise has emblazoned its name across borders with its impressive natural curve enhancement solutions.

Traditionally, it was common for women to resort to surgical or invasive procedures for body curves, bust, and bum enhancement. However, Boustise’s approach breaks this archetype. Developed by a team of dermatological scientists and cosmetic chemists, the prestige brand of Epigentix Boustise blends science with natural active botanicals to augment cellular nutrition and engender a regenerative, firming, and volumizing solution that fills from within.

Boustise Presents – Butt Plumping Beauty Enhancement Cream

The newest offering from Boustise’s unrivaled range of award-winning products is Boustise Bum Plumping Cream. This gem is notable for its firming, smoothing, anti-aging, tightening, and volumizing functions. Notably, Boustise’s high-performance nutrient-rich butt enhancement cream is the ultimate source of topical nutrition women’s curves need to thrive.

Clearly, what makes the Boustise Bum Plumping Cream a masterpiece is its key ingredients. The product is a perfectly crafted symphony of Quadraplump™, Volufiline, and skin restorative extracts. This strategically formulated blend of supera-ctives is not just about trendy buzzwords or filler ingredients, but a high-performance microdelivery enhanced fusion of the 6 key elements for plumped and restored curves. 

The exclusive Quadraplump™ extracts in Boustise work wonders by offering patented, fat nutrition and collection benefits through Mediterranean Sea Fern, micronutrient-rich Giant Kelp, deep collagen strengthening, nitric oxide boosting Pomegranate Seed, and moisture binding Tamarind Seed.

In the struggle against cellulite and oxidative stress, Boustise is the perfect ally. The cream contains potent dermal cell effective, fat-soluble Vitamin A and E, antioxidants, and Omega 7 loaded Nordic SeaBerry. 

Together with Niacinamide and CoQ10, they power a robust mechanism which aids increased circulation, optimized skin metabolism, repair and regeneration, and reduction of oxidative stress. By also combating free radical degradation, collagen production potential and deposition is maintained and enhanced.

Additionally, Boustise Bum Bum Plumping Cream features Gotu Kola, a powerful skin regenerator that helps tighten and firm the skin. It aids in the body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid-producing cells deep within the dermis, functioning as a barrier to future skin damage, as well as enhancing skin hydration. Shea butter, Tamanu, and white peony adaptogen add to the cream’s collagen-boosting, inflammation-lowering, and balancing support for firm, glowing contours.

How Does Boustise Hip and Bum Boosting Cream Work?

Boustise is not a ‘quick fix;’ instead, results build up naturally over time with continuous use. The microdelivery enhanced actives provide a time-released delivery of powerful synergistic ingredients which remain active in the skin for hours, instead of just minutes like traditional body creams. 

Volume, structure, and bounce are infused into your hips and bum, helping with the transformation into a more rounded, plush, smoothed, and youthful appearance. It also features a noticeable reduction in stretch mark and cellulite visibility. Impressively, results have been garnered in as little as 2-3 weeks with twice-daily application with optimal results seen after 6-8 weeks of use.

In the words of Boustise’s beauty queen founder, former Miss Earth Suriname, Giselle Reinberg, “We made the most comprehensive bum bum lifting and firming cream backed by our extensive 16-year history in the body curve enhancement space. Women finally can have a natural alternative to intensive and side effect-prone BBL injectable and surgical procedures. We just want to feel good and healthy in our skin and that is how you can truly shine with confidence.” Considering its excellent performance and rapidly growing client base, this is nothing short of the truth.

In Summary

Boustise’s focus on natural, non-invasive body curve enhancement solutions has set a groundbreaking precedent in the skincare industry. With products like the Boustise Bum Bum Plumping Cream, women can now achieve their body contour goals in a healthy, risk-free manner. Boustise has indeed rewritten the script, and it couldn’t be more riveting.

For an immersive experience in the Boustise world, visit their website at or engage with them via their social media platforms — on Instagram, @boustise on TikTok, and @boustise on Pinterest. Enjoy the Boustise revolution—The ULTIMATE in Natural Curve Enhancement!


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