The TerraBluClear Vision: Shaping Tomorrow’s E-Commerce Giants

The TerraBluClear Vision- Shaping Tomorrow's E-Commerce Giants
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By: Steve Miles

“My dream is to grow multiple companies into billion-dollar conglomerates.” That is the message that TerraBluClear founder Juli Ann Crafton wants to send to the business world, and she has a plan to help realize it.

With TerraBluClear, Crafton is providing an all-in-one answer to the question of how to leverage the huge potential e-commerce presents to businesses across the country. Doing business online can often seem daunting to the uninitiated, but with the right help, it can open up exciting new revenue streams.

Getting It Right

There are numerous different aspects to consider when deciding to embark on an e-commerce journey, including the right marketing approach and offering the correct listings to the most suitable audience in order to be able to capitalize on customers’ individual needs. Leveraging the power of advertising is a powerful tool and one of the most valuable assets your company can acquire in the race to capture clients’ eyes.

“When you are an entrepreneur, you have to be great at problem-solving,” Crafton explains, adding: “We specialize in finding your products and selling your inventory so that you can create a revenue stream that doesn’t break the bank, but gives you a return on your dollars.”

How TerraBluClear Can Help

Making sure inventory moves and customers are satisfied is pivotal to any business, but hurdles along the way may mean that some products are not selling – and that’s when TerraBluClear can transform your operations from offering sound advice, such as identifying the items attracting the biggest demand to spotting the right costs and delivery times for each product. It can also help business owners craft bundling solutions or seek a B2B offer that will help buy out inventory.

“E-commerce is the future because products are at your fingertips; you just need to be in front of the buyers to sell your wares,” Crafton emphasizes. “We give you the platform to shine and sell products that people are buying,” she adds.

People Matter

For Juli Ann Crafton, a strong work ethic underpinned by a focus on customer service drives TerraBluClear’s vision. Crafton herself has vast experience in sales underpinned by a true passion for sales.

Growing up in the service industry after her parents bought an independent restaurant meant she was involved in the business’s operations from a very young age. However, a terrible car accident just before she turned 13 meant she spent several weeks in ICU, and when she was finally sent home, she was in a wheelchair, having broken both her legs, pelvis, jaw and wrist, amongst others.

But Crafton persisted, and despite it having been almost two years before she could walk again without assistance, she was still the first one out of five children in her family to get into college.

Her impressive work commitment shone throughout her career; at 19 she obtained her Real Estate license in Michigan and later took over the family restaurant, before moving into sales. “I took a purchasing job for a startup company in the machine parts niche selling parts 100% online. I really took to the online sales like a duck takes to water, it was so natural for me.”

Finally, in pursuit of a new challenge, she founded her own company along with her husband, Jeremiah, harnessing their combined knowledge of online businesses and sales. Now, she wants to help businesses achieve their true potential online, crafting an inspiring vision for TerraBluClear.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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