Stephen Thomas: The Visionary Behind VüMe, a Revolutionary Social Media Platform

Stephen Thomas: The Visionary Behind VüMe, a Revolutionary Social Media Platform
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From shopping, and fashion, to news, music, and social media, you need just the right app to get the best out there. In the process, you end up spending hours on the phone just to find the right dress or connect with your followers, or release your latest content. Now you can cut it down to one super app that does it all, saving you loads of time and effort. It is VüMe, an all-in-one messaging, broadcasting, and social media platform. VüMe is an initiative by TPT GLOBAL TECH to connect the world in a way people never imagined. The app is all set to be launched this year. 

Stephen Thomas, the Chairman and CEO of TPT GLOBAL TECH, is the visionary behind VüMe, a game-changing social media platform. Also called a “super app” VüMe has everything that one needs to find on the internet. It is a dream app for content creators and influencers who can connect with their followers and also post their content across all the VüMe social media platforms. This can scale up revenue while reducing the workload of shuffling between current apps. You can watch live TV, videos, shop online, listen to music on VüMe. The app combines the best features from major social media platforms to introduce a game-changer app that will save you time and energy. 

With the launch of VüMe, Stephen will inch closer to becoming the first African American founder and CEO of a telecommunications and technology company to uplist from OTC to NASDAQ. He has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications industry and has been first to market with two cutting edge technology platforms, Vivo a VOIP softswitch billing platform and Quiklabs covid test results verification delivery platform. The launch of this super app will push his company, TPT GLOBAL TECH, years ahead of other corporations in this field. Stephen predicted the conversion of different mediums like TV, social media, banking, etc. using the internet because he knew people are waiting to explore something new. He acquired a live TV broadcast engine and combined it with the V.O.D. (video on demand) platform to put all the best features in one ecosystem. That’s how VüMe was born. 

Apart from offering the best features of major social media apps, VüMe provides a suite of value-adding services. It will have a TV network, crypto network, art, music, fashion, and also a live 24/7 news network. Stephen leverages his years of experience and knowledge to create a platform that will be unparalleled. TPT Global Tech has been trading on the OTC, fully audited for six and a half years. He realized that the evolution of the internet will have endless opportunities to explore the financial world. This is why he equipped VüMe with crypto so people can have easy access to the digital financial world. 

There is still an opportunity to get involved as VüMe is currently raising capital and looking for investors to be at the forefront of the launch of VüMe.

Stephen Thomas always has a futuristic vision, and VüMe is proof that it is not specific to any industry or technology. He has connected several mediums of communication on VüMe to make a single app to fulfill all requirements. While VüMe aims to reduce the workload of internet users, the super app will also introduce a new platform for people to connect globally.

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