Stephen Steers: The Super Power of Storytelling in Sales

Stephen Steers
Photo Credited to Stephen Steers

For founders contemplating hiring a salesperson or building a team, Stephen Steers poses an essential question – “Do you have the required structures and stories to support and facilitate your new hires?” He then emphasizes the importance of auditing existing sales processes, fine-tuning them, or building them from scratch. Once that is complete – then you can consider bringing in a salesperson.

Stephen Steers, a renowned sales consultant and coach, is not your typical sales expert. His journey from construction work to sales, and then consulting, is nothing short of inspirational. And now, with a decade of experience, Steers has penned a tactical guide, Superpower Storytelling, amalgamating storytelling, sales techniques, and public speaking to empower individuals and businesses to scale sales.

The Journey to Sales and Entrepreneurship:

Stephen’s career didn’t begin in the cushy office or Italian suits that many associate with a successful sales career. It started with manual labor, in construction. A life-changing incident at a hotel, involving a near-miss with a falling cement block, led him to reconsider his career trajectory. “The concrete block crashed right next to where I was standing a second before. It was time for a change.” Following a period of introspection, he decided to follow his natural knack for connecting with people and transition to a career in sales.

His initial days were marked with challenges – early-stage startups, for the most part, lacked structured sales processes. Despite the setback, Steers not only learned the art of selling but also mastered the craft of building efficient sales processes simultaneously. His unique approach, “Context Selling”, emphasizes the importance of storytelling, attentive listening during sales calls, and training within context.

A Different Take on Sales:

Stephen’s vision is clear; mastering sales doesn’t need to be a complicated affair reserved for the elite. He mentions, “We need to be reminded more than we need to be taught.” His sales mantra is simple:

Be Consistent: Stick to the basics and do them diligently.

Follow-Up: A seemingly obvious but frequently forgotten step.

Ask for Help: There’s always something new to learn, no matter where you are.

The Struggles and Joys of Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship, according to Steers, is simultaneously the most challenging and fulfilling adventure of his life. The essence lies in the growth and transformation of the individual. He believes in taking ownership and cherishes the freedom it brings – the freedom to shape one’s destiny and the trajectory of one’s business.

Superpower Storytelling: A Revelation:

Steers’ book, Superpower Storytelling, is set to redefine sales techniques. He observes that many founders, despite having brilliant products, falter when it comes to selling them. Instead of focusing on the product, Steers suggests emphasizing the outcomes.

The power of storytelling, he believes, allows the audience to see themselves in your position. Quoting the Greek philosopher Horace, Steers mentions, “You need change only the name and you are the subject of the story.”

Through his book, he teaches a comprehensive framework for effective storytelling to further your business including ideas such as: how to cater to three distinct audiences, posing four pivotal questions, and learning to narrate three indispensable stories.

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