Shoshanna French Lays the Foundation of a Successful Career in Entrepreneurism Through the Use of Intuition

Life is filled with forked roads that challenge our decision-making abilities. While many use logic, others prefer to rely on their intuition. For entrepreneur Shoshanna French, her intuition has been influential in her career. Having built a solid brand, she has been utilizing her knowledge to educate the next wave of entrepreneurs on intuition.

Upon hearing the word intuition, most people quickly wave it off as a good guess or pure luck, but it has been broken down by science and made ready for studies over the years. Shoshanna French was 18 years old when she stumbled into the enigma, and she was absorbed into it so much that she decided to study more about intuition. At the time, not many people were familiar with the subject, but Shoshanna found her mentor in Rosemary, the owner of a metaphysical shop in her college town. From there, she would embark on a journey to find other mentors and a community of like-minded people to explore the practices. 

Throughout the years, Shoshanna has used her knowledge to build her career in entrepreneurship. With every opportunity she gets, the intuitive entrepreneur tries to impart her knowledge of the arts, spreading awareness of the benefits of practicing intuition. Since then, many great thinkers, fellow entrepreneurs, and global leaders have listed intuition as an integral component in their success strategy. 

Shoshanna French founded a program called The Intuitive Entrepreneur to help others polish their intuition. Being an entrepreneur can lead to hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions, requiring them to manage many moving parts in the business. Shoshanna’s program helps them find the solutions to questions like “How do you choose which tools or experts to utilize?” or “How do you leverage your resources for the best possible outcomes?” among many others. Shoshanna stresses that the ability to make effective and successful decisions is essential to continue the business’s success. It is especially vital with the unpredictability of the market as changes can occur in the field, the target market, or even from within the team.

The intuitive entrepreneur cites two parts of running a business—running the business and growing it. “Intuition is a tool that can help you in navigating the decision-making process in business,” shared Shoshanna. “It can help you hone in your intuition and weed out the noise from a multitude of perspectives from experts, business partners that have different points of view, any limiting beliefs about yourself, and desires and opinions from friends, family, or your spouse.”

Shoshanna’s goal is to cultivate wildly successful leaders through the practical power of intuition. While most people would easily view the ordeal as an unsubstantial program, her resume speaks for itself, listing her careers as a keynote speaker and coach to NFL leaders, broadway and television stars, million and billion-dollar business founders, CEOs, and business professionals. 

Although she has already achieved so much throughout her illustrious career, Shoshanna French hopes to lead a global movement and inspire others to trust their intuition. Learn more about Shoshanna French by visiting their official website.


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