Shawn Fair Selects Stephanie Nicole Shoemaker To Become a Dynamic Speaker at His Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair has been consistently looking for speakers to join his Leadership Experience Tour, a prestigious and highly exclusive club for leaders and speakers that are the cream of the crop in their respective industries. Shawn has always been on the hunt for these individuals, and this time he has zeroed in on Stephanie Nicole Shoemaker.

Shawn is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and is a training expert who has positively impacted major corporations with his training expertise and his remarkable techniques. His genuine and personal coaching and training service has placed him as a top choice in the training industry, going so far as training over 300,000 leaders in the United States and abroad. 

He has comprehensive experience in the corporate world, which is what has allowed him to become an efficient trainer for companies and individuals alike. Shawn Fair is known for consistently delivering world-class and award-winning presentations that have helped companies create a more dynamic environment for their employees. He is also the founder of the Leadership Experience Tour program, which is a highly exclusive club for speakers.

Recently, Stephanie Nicole Shoemaker has made her mark and has become a hand-picked speaker for Shawn’s Leadership Experience Tour. As a Visionary Entrepreneur, Motivational Leader, Social Media Influencer, and rising television Actress. She is a married mother of three boys based out of Chesapeake, Virginia, and her life experience really shows when she speaks. 

Stephanie Nicole Shoemaker is a charming woman with a larger-than-life personality combined with empathy, understanding, and excitement. She is an unstoppable force who is on a mission to inspire the next generation to have a brighter future to stand up to and overcome all the troubles in today’s modern world. 

She hopes to help survivors of child and domestic neglect and abuse, warriors on the battlefront of the mind, and those who have had their lives impacted by a diagnosis. “If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s surviving,” says Stephanie. “If my life story can be used to save a life, I want it to show the beauty in darkness to appreciate your imperfections by giving you the tools so you can start living the life you have always dreamed it could be,” she adds.

Fortunately, the opportunity that Shawn Fair has given Stephanie is going to amplify her voice and let her message be heard. Becoming a speaker at Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour program will definitely help her attain a massive platform so she can continue transforming the lives of other people through her ways.

Stephanie Nicole Shoemaker expressed that her brand came from always wanting more out of life and by serving others and helping them find the beauty in darkness. She has always been a proponent of turning positives from negatives aiming to use the power of the mind to break generational and familial cycles. 

Stephanie Nicole Shoemaker has created a massively positive impact on her community and on society as a whole. As a speaker in Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour, she will gain an even bigger platform to further her cause and help change the world through the power of her words and her personality.

To know more about Stephanie Nicole Shoemaker, make sure to check out her official website. For more information about Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour, visit his website.


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