Shawn Fair Selects Nicholas Jiles to Inspire Aspirants to Conquer Trials and Defy Odds

Since establishing his Leadership Experience Tour Program, Shawn Fair has been transcending limitations and pushing boundaries by providing aspiring speakers a platform where they can inspire others. The program serves as an avenue for changemakers to share their inspirational stories, allowing them to send powerful messages while impacting lives across the globe. Being the only platform that bridges the gap between inspiring personalities and aspiring hopefuls, the Leadership Experience Tour Program takes center stage with grace and finesse.

Highly acclaimed for his business acumen and coaching expertise, it comes as no surprise that Shawn Fair leads a number of purpose-driven initiatives dedicated to making a difference. His diligent efforts of catalyzing change worldwide have earned countless praises from established authorities, industry powerhouses, and peers, solidifying a stellar reputation across a wide variety of trades. This sought-after consultant and member of the Forbes Coaching Council is creating a better world not only by materializing his visions but also by strengthening others through its incredible roster of speakers. For this reason, Shawn chooses Nicholas Jiles, a certified transformational leadership coach who shares the same vision as his.

More than being an influential figure in the coaching arena, Nicholas Jiles also serves as a much-needed voice for aspirants looking to thrive and get ahead in life. For 13 years in the industry, this go-getter has developed brilliant strategies and state-of-the-art techniques that spark action and inspire passion, showing an incredible prowess of his craft. He is not only leading people towards greatness, but he is also demonstrating the principle of genuine leadership with grace.

Over the years, Nicholas Jiles has made waves across the industry for his distinctive approach to engaging, motivating, and empowering aspirants worldwide. With 21 years of military experience under his arsenal, it comes as no surprise how this power player is dominating the scene, catalyzing change among the lives of many aspiring individuals worldwide. As a matter of fact, Nicholas has served as a military training instructor, coaching over 15,000 military personnel with leadership and communication skills, etiquettes on personal appearance, and many more. He has also advised top leaders on the impact they have on organizations, enhancing their skills while evaluating their performance. 

At the core of his coaching sessions, he strives to maneuver people towards greatness, redirecting them from a path filled with doubts, failures, and fears. As someone who entered the industry with countless rejections being thrown at his face, Nicholas Jiles serves as a genuine attestation of how people can rise after a great fall. For this reason, the emerging powerhouse started establishing himself with the purpose of becoming an instrument of transformation for aspirants around the globe. From offering one-on-one coaching sessions to customizing leadership classes for group dynamics, Nicholas identifies problems and provides solutions while keeping his students motivated. “I chose Nicholas to become part of my team because of his passion and dedication to see others succeed,” Shawn Fair shared.

Now that this go-getter is selected as one of the incredible speakers in Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour Program, Nicholas Jiles is able to take his purpose-driven vision to another level, touching lives and driving change worldwide.

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