Shawn Fair Recruits Tiesha Marie Johnson for the Line-up of Public Speakers for his Leadership Experience Tour

Known for helping companies create a dynamic environment for their employees and shaping individuals to become future leaders, Shawn Fair is a personal coach and expert trainer in entrepreneurship. He founded the Leadership Experience Tour program and is set to create a new generation of competent and successful leaders. Adding more excitement to the most-awaited Leadership Experience Tour program, Shawn Fair recruits Tiesha Marie Johnson in the line-up of public speakers.

Tiesha Marie Johnson is a Relationship Coach, Overseer, Ordained Elder, entrepreneur, and public speaker. An Amazon Bestselling Author and an expert on relationships, she has helped individuals go through healing after experiencing breakup and divorce. She has hosted more than 500 livestream videos. She is the founder and creator of the Your Love of a Lifetime movement, and she successfully gathered people who desire to promote Self-love, Healing from the Pain of Your Past and Positioning Yourself to Love Again. The movement emphasizes that obtaining a mutually fulfilling relationship is never impossible, and success in a relationship requires self-reflection, open honest effective communication, as well as, understanding and healing oneself.

Using her background and training in Critical Incident Stress Management, Healing of Damaged Emotions and Biblical Studies, Tiesha Marie Johnson assists those going through the pain of breakup in managing their emotions and processing the experience. She also works with individuals with traumatic experiences such as domestic violence, rape, grief, victims of violent crimes and helps them take the necessary small steps of recovery.

Tiesha Marie Johnson has worked in the federal government for the last 25 years. For several years, her experience as a Peer Responder developed her debriefing and intervention skills. Trained in psychological first aid and with clinical oversight provided by psychiatrists from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Tiesha Marie Johnson is an expert in handling people requiring assistance in managing their emotions. Further proving her competence, she was recognized by the Department of Justice for her work and excellence in individual and group debriefing and interventions. She has been using her expertise to extend help to others for many years. 

Recognizing her call to the Preached Word Ministry and the need of Women to be personally ministered to, Tiesha Marie Johnson founded Well Women Ministries in July 2002. Well Women Ministries leads women, from all walks of life, in outreach, spiritual and ministry development, and emotional support. She has supported women and children of Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries Genesis House III. She also curated and facilitated 4th & 5th grade girls in the Detroit Public Schools System by teaching them to process life’s challenges through thought-provoking conversations, lessons, effective  communication and journaling on self-esteem, conflict and resolution, and many other important areas of personal development. 

Tiesha Marie Johnson’s dedication to helping people has built her reputation as someone who willingly lends a hand to people with the desire to be free from their mental and emotional trauma.  Helping people heal from their pain, she has become an expert in redesigning life and helping people get back on their feet.

Shawn Fair recognizes Tiesha Marie Johnson’s potential in contributing to the success of the Leadership Experience Tour. Acknowledging that all individuals have painful experiences that they have to go through and surpassing the trauma is an essential step in becoming successful leaders, Shawn Fair selected Tiesha Marie Johnson to be one of the most-awaited program speakers.

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