Shawn Fair Has Chosen Networking Expert Tandra A. Price For His Leadership Experience Tour

Knowing that people respond best to genuine connection, Shawn Fair trains future leaders by establishing relationships based on trust. The environment he creates, characterized by mutual respect and appropriate commendation, allows his clients to identify their blind spots and continue working on their growth. His recent selection of networking expert Tandra A. Price as one of the speakers for his Leadership Experience Tour is another expression of his commitment to forming enriching relationships.

With practical coaching techniques that guarantee training, Shawn Fair has become one of the most in-demand consultants for major corporations in North America and Europe. Shawn draws from his comprehensive career in the corporate world to train individuals and companies. Over 300 thousand leaders in the United States and abroad have benefited from Shawn’s training services, where he leads by example.

Shawn Fair continues to deliver world-class and award-winning presentations that aim to guide companies in creating more dynamic environments for their employees. Expanding his work further, Shaw founded the Leadership Experience Tour program — a highly exclusive club for speakers. And his growing audience is excited to also learn from Tandra A. Price, one of the dynamic speakers hand-selected by Shawn Price to present for the tour.

It’s not surprising that Shawn Fair would choose Tandra A. Price for the Leadership Experience Tour. After all, both share a passion for developing authentic relationships as part of the process towards self-improvement. For Tandra, the industry’s failure to recognize the true meaning and potential of networking motivated her to develop a platform for helping people acquire strategic networking skills.

Much like Shawn Fair, Tandra A. Price draws from her experience as a sales professional for over 20 years to train entrepreneurs in accessing resources for business growth. She found that most networking events fail to showcase the value of building connections in creating and monetizing opportunities. Meanwhile, Tandra equips her clients with the skills and tools they need to connect with others over organic conversations and share one another’s pain points. She illustrates how saying hello and nurturing relationships allows entrepreneurs to monetize solutions and create residual income.

Tandra A. Price is the founder of multiple networking communities. Her program and services focus on serving and supporting women. By giving them access to a global network, these women can do business anywhere in the world. These services are especially beneficial for women struggling to get the resources they need to build their brands. For example, Tandra reaches out to those who are transitioning from corporate jobs to entrepreneurship.

One of the most groundbreaking communities Tandra has formed is Uconnetit. It is a ladies’ networking platform that emphasizes building connections through conversations. As a community, Uconnetit has been proven to help women leverage opportunities for diverse roles, such as authors, podcasters, and business owners. Members include coaches, consultants, speakers, and world travelers.

In addition to her transformative work in network growth, Tandra A. Price has also served as a co-host for networking group discussions. Given her capacity for inspiring, motivating, and celebrating wins with her sister circle, Tandra is the perfect guest for Shawn Fair’s program.

For more information about Tandra A. Price, you may visit her website.


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