Shawn Fair Chooses Tomika Snodgrass as a Dynamic Speaker for his Leadership Experience Tour

Forming business leaders of tomorrow, Shawn Fair is one of the most sought-after trainers across the globe. Delivering world-class and award-winning presentations and honing existing businesses to be the best, aspiring entrepreneurs acquire and develop techniques that allow them to rise in the field. Leaders are trained to identify their blind spots, and business owners develop a keen eye for closely looking at every aspect of their businesses.  Striving to provide quality training programs, Shawn Fair selects Tomika Snodgrass as a dynamic speaker for his Leadership Experience Tour.

Tomika Snodgrass is a Certified Relationship and Business Coach and a True Colors Facilitator. Founder and CEO of Tomika Snodgrass, LLC DBA Confident Heart Coach with more than 20 years of life coaching and mentorship experience and over 25 years of proven leadership and sales experience in the corporate banking industry, Tomika  and her extensive experience pave the way for her clients’ successful journeys. With the chance to be a speaker on a program for a highly exclusive club of speakers, she is set to create more successful paths ahead of her.

Tomika Snodgrass provides relationship and business-related coaching services. Significantly assisting business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs to be a better version of themselves, she conducts leadership training and personal and professional development workshops. She emphasizes the importance of building their network and trains her clients on how to create meaningful relationships inside their homes and workplaces. Recognizing the importance of believing in one’s capabilities, she also builds her clients’ confidence and contributes to the development of their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

Gender is not a determinant of success, and Tomika is testament to that  Currently flourishing in the male-dominated industry, she shows that women are as capable as men, and they have the right to be heard both in the personal and professional aspect of their lives. She firmly believes in the importance of unity, which is why she strives to promote inclusivity.

Tomika uses her simple five-step and heart-centered process in helping clients achieve their goals. Increasing their passion and firing up their determination to strive, she keeps her clients focused and moving.  She hopes to help clients align their heart and soul with their passion, and she uses her expertise and experience in teaching them how.

Endlessly bridging the gap between men and women, Tomika proves that all genders are equal.  Empowering both genders and aiming to create harmonious homes and workplaces, she uses her platform to help others develop a progressive mindset. 

She also inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to act on their ambition and strive to thrive in the highly competitive business world.  While she helps her clients recognize their potentials, she has undoubtedly been recognized by Shawn Fair.

Shawn believes that Tomika Snodgrass will significantly contribute to the success of his Leadership Experience Tour program. Her invaluable experiences are incomparable, and having Tomika as one of the speakers will help the audience unleash their leadership qualities. He firmly believes that by working hand in hand with Tomika, the Leadership Experience Tour is set to provide a quality training program that the world has yet to witness.

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