Shawn Fair Brings Powerhouse Speaker Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh To Join His Leadership Experience Tour Program

The coaching industry is filled with a colorful roster of individuals who bring something new to the table, but none have made a more significant impact than the renowned Shawn Fair. Sought-after by companies in the United States, Canada, and Europe, Shawn has built a powerful program called the Leadership Experience Tour, wherein he invites some of the most experienced and skillful names in the industry to grace the stage and share their knowledge and stories. In addition, he has recently extended his hand to powerhouse speaker Clarice Kavanaugh, PhD, MBA to step into the spotlight and share her story.

Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh’s career started in corporate America, working in the pharmaceutical industry for over three decades. Although she loved her work, she decided that it was time to start a new chapter in her life. Rather than retire as most people would expect, she instead rebranded and embarked on a new career. Knowing that her work experience would be valuable to others, she went back to school to pursue a new frontier and credential. 

From corporate to the classroom, Dr. Clarice embarked on a new career as a university professor with a doctorate in Organizational Leadership. As a professor, she has incorporated her sales, marketing, and training experience to take her students to the next level in her classes. Additionally, she would start a management consulting firm called Kavanaugh Group LLC.

Since the inception of Kavanaugh Group, her firm has developed a stellar client list that she provides. The firm is renowned for its executive coaching, performance coaching, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), conflict management, and compliance training. Dr. Clarice would expand her horizons by penning a book, taking the stage as a motivational speaker, and starting a podcast called The Pain of Change with Dr. Clarice. Her podcast has received various guests that range from epidemiologists to university presidents. Over time, she has mastered communicating and connecting with people, whether it’s corporate America or a university setting. 

Dr. Clarice Kavanaugh’s journey to her current status was not always easy. She was a single mother from the south side of Chicago working her way through college and occasionally working two jobs. Since 1980, her career in sales and marketing influenced her to pursue a second career facilitating classroom offerings in higher education, where she concentrated in Organizational Leadership and Industrial Organization. Her endeavors have led her to become sought-after by renowned organizations in the private and public sectors as a facilitator of leadership behaviors, team building, and communication workshops specializing in diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias in the workplace. 

Throughout her career and endeavors, Dr. Clarice has been renowned for her passion for developing individuals and taking them to the next level. Her business analytics and strategic abilities have continued to prove that success is her guiding principle. Dr. Clarice’s teaching and coaching modality has been praised for her no-nonsense approach and accountability while emphasizing the benefits of intellectual excitement, which invokes clarity of learning materials and interpersonal rapport, which increases awareness, engagement, and motivation through communication.

Having reached milestones beyond the expectations of others, Dr. Clarice received the invitation to join Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour program. While she is eager to share her knowledge, she is also focused on growing her consulting business. She hopes that her opportunity with the Leadership Experience Tour will propel her to speak on global platforms.

Learn more about Clarica Kavanaugh, PhD, MBA by visiting her official website.


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