Shawn Fair Acknowledges Rhonda M. Wood As A Dynamic Speaker For His Leadership Experience Tour

Notable leaders and influential speakers have always gathered at Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour. Many of these individuals are the cream of the crop in their respective industries, hand-picked by Shawn himself to speak in front of like-minded individuals who are shaping the world as we know it. Rhonda M. Wood has become a recent addition to these individuals, and Shawn Fair couldn’t be more excited to have her voice be heard.

Shawn Fair is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council and is one of the most sought-after consultants for major corporations in a wide variety of countries. His techniques have helped leaders identify key issues and change the way they approach their industries. Shawn has gained a massive reputation training over 300,000 leaders in the United States and abroad.

His skills and expertise have allowed him to establish the Fair Consulting Group, which is an organization that is known for training leaders in the aspects of business development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and many more. He is also the mastermind behind the Leadership Experience Tour program, which is a highly exclusive club for speakers. 

Recently, Rhonda M. Wood has found herself becoming a speaker in the highly exclusive club, cementing her position in the industry for years to come. Rhonda is an empowerment speaker, author, life coach, mental health advocate, and entrepreneur. She helps people reclaim their inner power so that they can make peace with their past, prosper in their purpose, and emerge with a life of limitless possibilities personally, professionally, and financially.

Rhonda M. Wood uses her gifts to motivate others through speaking, writing, coaching, and sign language interpreting. She is a deeply motivated person who wants others to reset their value, renew their vision, restore their vocation, and rediscover the power of their voice. This is a massive reason why Shawn Fair has included her in the roster of speakers for the Leadership Experience Tour, as she is a competent speaker who is inspirational through and through.

Her soon-to-be-released book, “Truths, Traumas, and Triumphs!” aims to guide her readers from brokenness to breakthroughs so that they may become empowered to step out of secrets, silence, and shame to speak their truth and soar into their God-ordained destiny. Rhonda M. Wood’s reputation precedes her, as she has been recognized as a 2020 National Top Influencer by SuccessWomen’s Conference for her leadership, commitment, accomplishments, and contributions to her community and for the next generation.

Rhonda M. Wood is a truly inspiring woman. Her message has been featured in a variety of news outlets, talk shows, podcasts, magazines, and many more. She is also an active mental health advocate who is on an honorable mission of normalizing and destigmatizing the discussions surrounding mental health and trauma.

In line with her mission, Rhonda M. Wood is an active member, volunteer and presenter with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

Shawn Fair has high hopes for Rhonda M. Wood as she gains a massive platform through the Leadership Experience Tour. Shawn firmly believes in Rhonda’s capabilities as an empowerment speaker, and he hopes to amplify her already powerful voice so that it may resonate with more people and create a positive impact in the world as we know it.

Visit Shawn Fair’s official website to know more about him. For more information about Rhonda M. Wood, check out her website as well.


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