Shades of Melanin Hair CEO Katrina Scott on What It Takes to Persevere through Trials

Thriving, let alone surviving, amid business challenges can be a fleeting goal for many aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in the country. Even as the world crawls back into a sense of normalcy amid the coronavirus pandemic, business owners seek expert advice on how to bounce back from one of the worst economic downfalls in history. Breakout serial entrepreneur Katrina Scott of Shades of Melanin shares her two cents on building business resiliency. 

“In such times, one must stay strong by having faith in God and upgrading one’s skills by learning something new,” shared the company CEO. “Don’t get discouraged by looking at the success of your contemporaries. Make sure you are in a race with yourself and company.” During the pandemic, Katrina’s company, Shades of Melanin, skyrocketed after pivoting to an e-commerce system. The company thrived mainly because of its devotion to delivering quality products and simplifying the customer journey. 

Katrina Scott points out how many business owners she knows have struggled mainly because of the tendency to compare successes. But she maintains how success is always relative to a person and how comparison can hurt and maim more than it can help and build. 

While the beauty industry is overcrowded, Shades of Melanin has positioned itself as a strong contender in their category. The company primarily sells a line of hair products, including 100% virgin hair extensions, wigs, lashes, wig tips, cutting and trimming lace, and many others. The company is based in Houston, Texas, and is a black-owned and operated venture.

The inspiration for Shades of Melanin came from Katrina Scott’s mother and grandmother, who served as role models for the entrepreneur growing up. The company CEO also acknowledges her children as her motivating factor to growing and scaling the beauty and hair shop into what it has become today. “My daughters always inspire me to work because I want to be the best in their eyes,” shares Katrina. “With their endless support, I can build an empire which is running successfully now.” The owner’s children—Sasha, Alicia and Dawona—also serve as the brand’s face.

Amid the growing challenges of lockdowns and restrictions, Shades of Melanin saw a breakthrough year in 2020 after becoming a globally trusted brand. In a short time, the company shifted to e-commerce and started delivering to various parts of the globe. Soon the brand built a solid worldwide customer base that supported the company’s mission. In return, Shades of Melanin has provided excellent products and top-grade customer service to every woman who has turned to them as beauty product providers.

Shades of Melanin is a relatively young company, established on September 30, 2019. But since the beginning, the organization committed to a higher purpose. Today, that mission of providing women with products that will help grow their confidence and self-esteem has only gotten stronger.

Katrina Scott hopes to turn Shades of Melanin into a seven-figure empire with several brick and mortar locations in Texas. She also hopes to use her brand and story as a testimony of her faith, inspiring people everywhere to pursue God-given dreams and talents and experiencing more freedom and joy in life. 

Learn more about Shades of Melanin by visiting its website and Instagram account.


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