Serial Entrepreneur Kimberly Cloud on Crowning Her Audience With Confidence and Success

Everyone deserves a crown. No matter from what background or narrative, everyone deserves a chance at success and the opportunity to realize dreams. This is what entrepreneurial powerhouse Kimberly Cloud seeks to impart to her audience.

An empowering character who made it to the top of the ladder by pulling her own bootstrings, Kimberly Michelle Cloud is the leading entrepreneur behind Genuinely Michelle Wigs, LLC, Blue Cloud Cleaning, and Wigs for Success.

Outside of her impressive numbers, however, what awes Kimberly’s following is her success story. An icon of persistence and bravery, Kimberly Cloud suffered a horrific experience prior to launching her business. Yet before becoming the inspiration she is today, the African-American entrepreneur was out on the streets as a survivor of domestic violence. 

Without a place to call home and bruised inside and out, Kimberly managed to muster the courage and strength to choose to take a step forward. Soon, in pursuit of success, she found herself breaking into a run.

“I’m not the type of person to let a bad situation keep me down,” she shares. “When I found myself living at a women’s shelter, I wasn’t about to feel sorry for myself. It only gave me more reason to work harder and keep going.”

At the time, Kimberly Cloud recalled when she crafted various hairstyles and designed wigs as a child. She had learned the craft from her mother, and she decided that she would hone her skill and use it as leverage for her advocacy: crowning individuals with the confidence to chase after their dreams.

So she opened her local chapter of Dress for Success—a global non-profit organization designed to move women toward the forefront of the economy by providing a resource of classic, professional attire and winning tools to secure success in both their personal lives and career. 

The experience furthered Kimberly’s passion for giving back to her community and moved her to open “Wigs for Success,” which focuses on hair needs and amplifies the mission behind Dress for Success. With her styling prowess and unique ability to give customers exactly what they need, it did not take long before Kimberly Cloud became a renowned name in the industry.

From there, Kimberly branched out with Genuinely Michelle Wigs, LLC, which has been recognized as the premier source of innovative and lustrous wigs, offering a wide and varied collection for both men and women. 

The unstoppable success of the passion project landed Kimberly as a guest on podcasts such as “The Creative Nomad Show,” “Public Business News Network Station,” and the “Elite Business News Network.” Outside of her on-air appearances, the entrepreneur has also been made the subject of countless rave reviews and numerous articles from well-followed articles.

Kimberly Cloud never fails to share the advocacy that drives her to serve by providing world-class wig styles and products through them all. “When we help people, we create a better world. When we begin to manifest why we are here, we are able to determine what we need to do.”

As for the renowned wig-maker and multi-talented businesswoman, her purpose is to push people to pursue their dreams as she has and crown them with the success that they deserve.

Follow Kimberly Michelle Cloud as she furthers her mission and introduces innovative, eco-friendly wigs and hair care options to the industry. Learn more about the serial entrepreneur on Genuinely Michelle Wigs, LLC’s official website


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