Ryan McMillen Leads Change and Culture Cultivation at RyanTech

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Ryan McMillen, CEO of RyanTech, a premier global provider of Cloud solutions, has been a driving force behind the company’s meteoric rise. From his humble beginnings as a support agent while in high school to the company’s top executive, his journey embodies a story of unabated determination and exceptional leadership. Throughout his tenure, RyanTech has grown exponentially, all the while preserving its distinct culture, a hallmark of the company for over a quarter-century.

Navigating Through Challenges

Stepping into the CEO role during a period of global upheaval, McMillen was confronted with a unique and demanding set of obstacles. The inherent challenges of leading in the volatile tech industry were amplified by the necessity to adapt swiftly to a capricious global landscape. The shifts in work dynamics, evolving customer behaviors, and economic patterns pushed all businesses to revamp their strategies.

McMillen’s primary challenge as CEO was twofold: safeguarding RyanTech’s stability amidst this turmoil and uncovering avenues for growth and advancement. Despite the odds, he demonstrated remarkable resilience and strategic acumen, leading the company toward a prosperous future.

Preserving and Promoting Company Culture in Trying Times

From the onset, McMillen pledged to uphold and enrich RyanTech’s time-honored culture. He emphasizes that employees at RyanTech, regardless of their roles, genuinely care about their colleagues and the company’s overall health. As an illustration, he describes how their sales team would voluntarily help with support tickets, signifying their unified dedication to customer satisfaction.

RyanTech today operates under a leadership philosophy entrenched in collaboration and leading by example. Aligning McMillen’s principles with the notion of ‘walking the talk,’ he accentuates the significance of top-tier leadership. By cultivating a work environment where every team member feels empowered to take charge of their roles, the RyanTech CEO has fostered a sense of responsibility and commitment that permeates the entire organization.

Recognizing employees as the organization’s most significant asset, McMillen asserts, “RyanTech’s culture, composed of remarkable individuals, has enabled us to accomplish more with less,” acknowledging his team’s crucial role in the company’s success.

A Future of Progressive Growth and a Healthy Work Culture

The CEO anticipates a path of progression and expansion for RyanTech. He outlines a bold plan to scale up the business while keeping the ‘people-first’ ethos at its core.

Predicting that “RyanTech will be three times larger than we are today,” in the next five years, McMillen’s vision extends beyond numerical growth. He is committed to scaling with integrity, ensuring that the company’s values remain unaltered, even as it broadens its reach.

Complementing this growth, McMillen aspires to reinforce the company’s vibrant culture, fostering a work environment that cherishes its people and strengthens their bonds as the company grows. He aims to persistently focus on helping companies optimize their use of the Microsoft Cloud, which aligns perfectly with the company’s strategic priorities.

Under McMillen’s dynamic leadership, the company continues to make a name in the cloud solutions sector. His perseverance in improving work culture, along with his profound passion for technology, continue to fuel RyanTech’s journey, reinforcing its position as a powerhouse in the industry.


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