Ryan Leonard, Founder of NJF Worldwide, on How He Dominated the World Market amid the Pandemic

There is no shortcut to success. It requires grit, motivation, and a lot of hard work. And in this fast-paced world, Ryan Leonard is a living example of how adversities can teach valuable lessons for any go-getters trying to make their mark. A highly accomplished entrepreneur who got through the hard times by grieving and healing before prospering in life and in business, Ryan Leonard is the mind behind NJF Worldwide, a company whose reach and influence spans multiple industries. 

Born and raised in Neptune City, New Jersey, Ryan Leonard grew up immersed in his father’s business, where he learned the importance of a strong work ethic. This value carried him through his arduous 400-day deployment in Iraq with the US Army and would play a massive role in the commercial triumph of his upcoming venture. 

After returning home, the purpose-driven figure decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. But even before he could get things up and running, he faced a massive loss and had to contend with the finality of the death of his grandfather and seventeen-year-old brother. The tragic turn of events woke something inside of him, sparking the desire to honor the memory of his loved ones by creating a legacy. Dragging himself out of one of the worst times of his life, the self-starter emerged with a new outlook and an all-out attitude and dedicated himself to learning everything related to merchandising and building a brand from the ground up.

In 2011, Ryan Leonard introduced to the commercial realm NJF Clothing, a seedling of a company that would soon grow into a powerhouse. The venture allowed him not only to leave a stellar impression in his local community but also to forge international relationships with businesses that provided cut and sew services. Going the extra mile, he then explored other emerging markets that he believed could benefit from his large-scale factory-direct capabilities, a move that would precede the establishment of NJF Worldwide. 

Eleven years down the road, Ryan Leonard now boasts a long list of accomplishments under his belt. Apart from gaining a foothold in the sectors of medical, manufacturing, apparel, and lifestyle and selling over 12 million products globally in the process, he’s also managed to make a difference in the lives of others by giving back to his community through various philanthropic initiatives.

Currently, Ryan Leonard continues to meet the needs of several markets through NJF Worldwide. This one-stop shop for manufacturing, logistics, and product distribution, which is known for its commitment to quality and fair market pricing, was a key mover during the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of offering logistics by land and sea to get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to those in need, it also acquired massive amounts of masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, and gowns and utilized their FDA-approved VTM (Viral Transport Medium) testing swabs to provide PCR test kits throughout the country. 

In the future, Ryan Leonard is expected to remain at the forefront of numerous industries. Armed with a clear-cut vision of what he wants to achieve as well as an awe-inspiring dedication to his goals, he will keep making waves in the entrepreneurial realm. Learn more about Ryan Leonard and NJF Worldwide by visiting its website.


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