Roy Lee on Launching a Start-up Into a Million-Dollar Enterprise

Every day, thousands of ideas are introduced. With such overwhelming competition, only a few take permanent residence within markets. After a rough start launching his venture, no one knows better than Roy Lee what it takes to stay on top of the industry. 

A born entrepreneur, Roy had always been interested in exploring lucrative opportunities. His parents, brick n’ mortar beauty retail owners, taught him the value of hard work and helped Roy Lee develop a passion for business at a young age. 

This drive led him to an exhaustive search for that billion-dollar idea that would put his name on the map. The idea came in the shape of a massage chair. Flawlessly designed and tagged with an affordable price, the Nouhaus “Classic” chair was the practical choice for every working American’s home. 

It was precisely what people needed and, accordingly, should generate insurmountable profit for the team behind it – or so, Roy thought. Despite the need for inexpensive yet innovative massage chairs, the demand was absent. So, Roy Lee decided to start there.

“Not enough people knew about Nouhaus for starters, but also, the US market hadn’t yet ‘learned’ that massage chairs were for everyone,” the venture Founder and CEO shared. “Some people were stuck in a paradigm of going to malls, airports, and salons for a chair massage while others felt that massage was a luxury and they didn’t deserve it daily.”

To put his product on the climb, the Nouhaus entrepreneur and team decided to take a pause and release a line of ergonomic, design-led office chairs. “We love award-winning massage chairs, and they continue to be our flagship product and sell well. But if I was firmly fixated on this one product at the beginning, the business would have fallen over.”

As luck would have it, Roy’s predictions and careful preparation turned out right. A year after he created his new line of office chairs, COVID-19 swooped in, and remote work situations spiked up demands for his product. 

Now, three years after its launch, Nouhaus is a highly-acclaimed innovation. The venture is recognized as one of Amazon’s Top 5 Office Chair Companies and decorated with the Red Dot Award for the Nouhaus “Classic” and the Ergo3D chair. 

With accolades lining his shelf, it’s safe to say that Roy Lee has successfully launched his start-up. Through Nouhaus, the entrepreneur has generated a whopping $30 million amid the pandemic and will be bringing in an estimated $50 million next year.

On how he smoothed out an initially rough path, Roy said, “there’s no such thing as failure, or things not working. There are only ever opportunities to grow, adapt, and change. Even if you’ve been given blood, sweat, and tears for it, there’s zero benefit to hold on so tight if it’s not working.”

He adds, “you just gotta let go of any preconceived rules, beliefs, or ideals fast, and open your eyes to see the opportunity.”

As Nouhaus chairs continue to dominate the market as the only “e-commerce only” furniture brand and stamp its signature blend of comfort, ergonomics, and design, there’s no guessing the heights that Roy Lee will soar to soon. However, one thing remains certain: the enterprising CEO will stand at the forefront of industry reinvention. 

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