Rosebud’s Investments Teaching Financial Literacy through Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the best investments that a person could ever make. Aside from gaining profit from capital appreciation, one can earn passive income through rentals of residential or commercial properties. However, while real estate gives a good offer of growing your cash flow, it could become a potential liability with wrong decisions. Rosebud’s Investments hopes to help aspiring investors avoid liabilities through their programs and services.

Rosebud’s Investments is a real estate consulting company that equips and teaches financial literacy with expertise in real estate. It teaches individuals how to build generational wealth for themselves and their families to become financially free and control their lives.

Backed up by years of solid experience and training in real estate, Rosebud’s Investments also teach how to be debt-free, contrary to what is taught in the industry. Dr. Jamisa McIvor, Ph.D., the CEO of Rosebud’s Investments, a twenty-eight-year-old wife, mother of four young children and a real estate investor, currently owns a multi-million dollar, debt-free real estate portfolio. Her company currently holds over twenty properties. She is also a member of For(bes) The Culture, an exclusive club by Forbes that aims to empower Black and Brown professionals.

She started investing at nineteen years old. Though she initially had no interest in real estate, she had a property that she did not know how to manage. So instead of keeping it, she sold it for a profit. Her success came from the desire not to waste the money from the sale and her disdain for her despondency with selling the property in the first place. Nevertheless, Dr. Jamisa remained determined to make the most of the situation. In that process, she learned a lot about the ins and outs of real estate and became compelled to share it with her peers. 

Having this in mind, Rosebud’s Investments helps its clients understand the process of short sales and pre-foreclosures. In addition, the company’s team trains and educates its clients, helping them find houses at the lowest prices in the market, making entry into real estate more accessible for clients of all financial backgrounds.

The company also creates books and training materials to equip them in property investing and real estate entrepreneurship. Their best seller is “The No Debt Real Estate Method,” which acts as a “GPS system” for new investors who don’t know their way around investing yet. It covers the beginning stages of real estate and gradually progresses to more advanced real estate teaching. They do it in such a way that their clients would grow and take in the information without the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Rosebud’s Investments has an impressive team of five people. They have helped over five hundred people become property owners with very little to no debt and have helped 175 people purchase investment properties. Lastly, they have financed over two hundred deals. Dr. Jamisa hopes to continue educating more people about real estate investing and see a new generation of property investors and millionaires rise within their circles.

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