Rogelio Bonola, The Come-Up And Rise To Success No One Saw Coming

The business scene is home to some of the world’s most lucrative and prominent individuals. While these people’s raw talent and innate abilities have helped them in their respective entrepreneurial journeys, other skills that catapulted them to the summits of their careers are those that they had to actively learn and acquire through the help of external tools and resources. Entrepreneur and investor Rogelio Bonola’s current success is one unique story that is worth learning from. 

In an interview, Rogelio talked about the importance of teaching aspiring entrepreneurs valuable skills and lessons geared towards improving their financial literacy. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with following the traditional road of graduating from college, landing a nine-to-five job, and saving up until retirement, Rogelio realized from the get-go that he would like to carve a path of his own. He managed to monetize, brand, and completely change every aspect about himself to further improve his image, brand, and value for his people.

Now known as a regular podcaster, “The Inner Circle” – his show that was recently deemed a Spotify Exclusive on the music platform, discusses interviews, stories, and morals about entrepreneurship and general stories from Rogelio’s point of view. He features a wide array of guests and some of the most world renowned faces of business. He has grown this project from a couple hundred followers to an eye-watering 180 downloads per month. 

There is no doubt that he has become an industry authority within just a couple of years. Graduating High-School in 2020 at the height of COVID-19, it is safe to say he has taken quite the leap since then. Rogelio stated how during school, he was always the “nice” kid. He was known to always be in an uplifting mood for others, even if it took a significant toll on him. Rogelio is now publicly and appropriately known as the quiet & shy graduate, who suddenly turned into an established business owner & entrepreneur.

When interviewed and asked what helped him accomplish such incredible milestones, he stated, “I use the humiliation and comments from Highschool of people constantly putting me down and abusing my kindness and companionship as a reminder to keep pushing. That’s what gets me to work diligently day after day, which has led to the successful domino effect I am experiencing now.” He also stated, “I can say with utmost confidence that I have broken through expectations countless times, and I have single handedly proved every single person, teacher, close friends, ex-friends – anyone who has ever doubted me in the slightest, all wrong.”

These inspiring words genuinely reflect his dedication to making a lasting and significant impact on his community. Moreover, his exemplary perseverance has allowed him to fulfill most of his goals. Rogelio may not have decades of experience under his belt, but he proves a testament to the fact that the entrepreneurial realm is no longer exclusive to middle-aged business owners and professionals. Let Rogelio be the perfect epitome of how drive and darkness can drive people to do beyond what is expected of them. Rogelio Bonola will without a doubt, cement his name down in history as one of the most determined minds of his generation.


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