Rochel Marie Lawson’s Vision Inspires Change and Empowerment

Rochel Marie Lawson's Vision Inspires Change and Empowerment_2
Photo Courtesy: Rochel Marie Lawson

By: Pam Perry 

In the bustling heart of Silicon Valley, where the tech titans clash, a different kind of leader emerges—Rochel Marie Lawson, a queen in her right, who has masterfully built an empire that intertwines wellness, wisdom, and wealth. With a multifaceted career that spans over three decades, Rochel isn’t just participating in the industry; she is actively redefining it.

Rochel’s journey into entrepreneurship began out of necessity and frustration. Despite her qualifications, breaking into the male-dominated field of electrical engineering proved daunting. Facing outright rejections in the late 1980s because of her gender, she pivoted towards nursing, but her entrepreneurial spirit couldn’t be quenched. “One morning, after realizing I hardly saw my husband, who was in telecommunications installation, I suggested we start our own business,” Rochel shares. Thus was born All Day Cable, Inc., a leading woman-owned, minority-owned telecommunications company in the United States.

All Day Cable was just the beginning. Rochel’s second venture, Blissful Living 4 U, sprang from a profound desire to enhance women’s lives by balancing wellness, wisdom, and wealth. This initiative is particularly close to her heart, aiming to empower women to live their dream lives through holistic wellness and savvy financial strategies.

Rochel’s career is peppered with significant accolades, including being named one of the Top 50 Woman-Owned Businesses in Silicon Valley and speaking on Capitol Hill. However, it’s her tenacity in the face of adversity that stands out. She recounts times when she was underestimated and sidelined by peers in her industry. “I was told by several ‘good old boys’ that I had no business being in their industry,” she recalls. Yet, Rochel turned these challenges into fuel for her unwavering determination, letting her work speak for itself.

What sets Rochel apart is not just her ability to foresee market trends or her innovative approach to business but her holistic vision for her life and the lives of those she touches. She is a ten-time best-selling author, a noted international speaker, and a beloved podcast hostess, roles that allow her to spread her message of resilience and empowerment far and wide.

Looking forward, Rochel has no intention of slowing down. Her aspirations include launching a non-profit aimed at sending one million girls worldwide to college and continuing to support women veterans—a cause close to her heart. “We cannot leave any woman behind in our quest to create a world of change, equality, strength, and unity,” she states fervently.

For Rochel, success isn’t just about building wealth; it’s about creating a legacy. She envisions a world where women are not only participants but leaders in their industries. Her personal mantra, “Being Bold and Unstoppable,” is not just a catchphrase but a lived experience that she hopes to instill in every woman she encounters.

As one charts her journey from a challenged electrical engineer to a queen commanding her empire, it’s clear that Rochel Marie Lawson is not just running businesses; she’s leading a movement. With each speaking engagement, book, and podcast episode, she is crafting a blueprint for women everywhere to follow. She is also part of the Black Door Society – which is an invite-only empowerment organization for women in business. 

To connect with Rochel and learn more about her transformative vision, visit her website at Blissful Living 4 U or follow her on social media platforms like Instagram (@rochelelawson and @blissfulliving_4u) and Facebook. As Rochel often says, “You can have everything you want in your life, especially when it comes to wellness, wisdom, and wealth; you just need the right transformation facilitator.”

As one witnesses Rochel’s story unfolds, it becomes evident that the title of “Queen” isn’t self-proclaimed but well-earned, and her throne is built on resilience, innovation, and a deep-rooted desire to empower. The legacy of Rochel Marie Lawson is a testament to what is possible when you dare to dream big and lead with boldness and unwavering determination.

Rochel Marie Lawson's Vision Inspires Change and Empowerment
Photo Courtesy: Rochel Marie Lawson

Published by: Martin De Juan


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