Revolutionary the Funeral Industry: Tech Expert Brings Customization to the Forefront

Death is an unavoidable part of life; we will all die sooner or later. None of us will live to see our funerals, and for this reason, experts say that they are for the living. Funerals give people places to acknowledge the realities of their loved ones’ deaths and express grief in the company of others.

However, technology is quickly changing the funeral industry, and many people do not even have traditional burials and wakes anymore. This post’s intention is to explore this topic and tell you about some of the new ways that people are dealing with the burials of their loved ones:

The Use of Customizable Urns

Cremation is by no means a new thing. People have been cremating their loved ones for tens of thousands of years. Historians say that urns, vessels used for the storage of people’s ashes, have been used for at least 7,000 years. The oldest urns discovered were clay ones found in China. For a very long time, the oldest urns discovered, and the ones used by modern human beings were more or less the same: Clay or porcelain pots with lids that ashes were stored in. The designs used in the manufacturing of urns have typically been quite boring. Now, things are changing.

People are being given more choices than ever before when it comes to the production of their loved ones’ urns. Thanks to sophisticated technology, customisation is now possible. People can have their own designs printed on urns as well as professional etchings and engravings. Certain companies are actually able to produce customized urns and ship them out to customers in as little as 24 hours. This means people planning burials or cremations can focus more on grieving than trying to frantically source an urn for their loved ones’ ashes.

What Are the Benefits of Customizable Urns?

Customizable urns are great for a number of reasons.  The most obvious of these is that it allows people to personalize their loved ones’ urns and express themselves. More than that, people can design urns in ways that their loved ones would like, perhaps printing their favorite quotes on them or even having pictures added. Customizable urns are more effective at capturing the spirit of deceased people than traditional ones are. There is truly no better way to store your loved ones’ ashes if you are considering cremation.

Incorporating Videos into Funerals

Funerals have traditionally been very solemn occasions. The only expressions allowed at them apart from in a few distinct cultures are expressions of grief and sadness. This is quickly changing, however. More and more, people are starting to incorporate videos into funerals. It is common to find television screens present at people’s funerals and wakes, which allow photographic and video tributes to be displayed. These tributes give attendees the opportunity to laugh, cry, and remember the deceased person, as they allow loved ones to showcase special moments involving the deceased.

Customizable Videos and Photographs

Videos and photographs are, obviously, customizable. People are able to create collages and montages of their deceased loved ones, showing them to funeral attendees. Customizable videos and photographs can make funerals feel a lot more special. It is important to note, video and photograph displays must be arranged with the funeral venue’s management beforehand. Planners have to ask venue management to use their televisions or to bring their own in. Electronics brought from outside the venue typically have to be tested before use to make sure that they are safe.

Revolutionary the Funeral Industry: Tech Expert Brings Customization to the Forefront
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Non-traditional Funeral Music

Traditionally, hymns were played at people’s funerals. This is changing, however. Thanks to changes in music technology, funeral planners can cast music directly from their phones or laptops to speaker systems. The ability to customize funeral music makes funerals a lot more intimate. Deceased people are able to have their favorite songs played at their funerals. As mentioned earlier, funerals are more for the living than they are for the dead. Playing a person’s favorite song is a great way to remember them. Attendees to funerals where the deceased’s favorite song has been played often report feeling them in the room.

Webcasting People’s Burials

In the past, you had to attend a funeral to see a person’s burial. This is no longer the case. It is very commonplace for people to webcast their loved ones’ burials, allowing family members and friends unable to attend to watch. Webcasting funerals became very common during the COVID lockdowns and have continued until today.

The average person will go to many funerals in their life. Funerals are changing, however. Traditions are being broken and technology is being used more and more. Whether you are planning a funeral or just want to know about how they are being arranged in 2023, technology is trending, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon.


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