Putting the Heart Back in Business: How John Scalli, CEO of Centurion Media, Runs A Traditional Business In A Digital World

John Scalli
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 “Know your strengths and limitations, listen to your clients, and always value genuine human connection. In a world increasingly dominated by digital interactions, personal touch makes all the difference.” John Scalli

Artificial intelligence and automation are rapidly transforming how businesses are being operated. A trend toward remote business was accelerated by the lockdowns and restrictions of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and most companies are happy to continue down that path. However,  John Scalli, President of Centurion Media Solutions, insists on bringing as many human and traditional methods to his digital media business as he can. Whether serving his clients through traditional placement or digital media, his goal is to interact face-to-face as much as possible with every one of his clients. 

The Path to Centurion Media

Scalli is no stranger to business. Coming from a family of small business owners, including his father, who was involved in print media and marketing, he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  When he attended Fordham University, his sense of entrepreneurship and connection to local businesses was strengthened. “They had a saying,  Fordham is your school, New York City is your campus…” This emphasis on engaging with the diverse tapestry of New York City, further honed his skills and understanding of the business world while connecting him to hundreds of small business owners, a majority of whom were restaurant owners, throughout the city.

Starting With Philanthropy

Despite his robust background in business, Scalli decided to turn down a different road. Serving others. As the founder of Hands Around the World Inc., Scalli has spearheaded a global initiative aimed at creating positive change across various communities. His dedication to philanthropic endeavors was recognized in 2016 when he received the AFP Outstanding Philanthropic Youth Award, a testament to his significant contributions and dedication to community service. Scalli’s belief in the power of giving back is deeply integrated into his professional ethos, reflecting a sincere dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of others, both through his business and his charitable efforts.

Continuing To Build A Giving  Business

In the middle of Covid, Scalli made a pivot into digital marketing. However, the pivot from philanthropy to marketing wasn’t as drastic as it seems. “I pretty much used all the same resources and skills – just applied it to helping small business owners stay afloat rather than one of my non-profits.” The pivot to marketing, accelerated by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, saw Scalli applying his resources and skills to assist struggling small businesses. This experience crystallized his vision for Centurion Media Solutions, founded in December 2021, with a mission to offer tailored marketing solutions to businesses in need.

Starting Centurion Media wasn’t without its hurdles. “Launching a start-up in the complex world of digital marketing requires not just expertise, but a deep understanding of the evolving client needs,” Scalli reflects. Despite these challenges, Centurion Media, with over 40 years of combined experience in the industry, has made significant strides in offering comprehensive marketing services, including digital marketing, internet ads, SEO, data analytics, and print marketing.

A Unique Approach to Marketing

What sets Centurion Media apart is Scalli’s emphasis on personal interactions and diversified marketing strategies. “We prefer face-to-face meetings over virtual ones. It’s about creating a personal connection with our clients, ensuring they feel valued and not just another number,” he explains. This old-school business approach, combined with expertise in both digital and print marketing, allows Centurion Media to provide a well-rounded service tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Success for Scalli and Centurion Media is deeply intertwined with the success of their clients. The process begins with understanding each client’s story and challenges, followed by the development of a tailor-made strategy to grow their brand. “We invest time in becoming part of our clients’ teams, offering strategies that respect and value their time and business ethos,” says Scalli.

Connect with John Scalli and Centurion Media

Follow John Scalli’s innovative journey in marketing and his continuous effort to bring a human touch to the industry. Connect with him on LinkedIn at John G. Scalli and explore Centurion Media’s diverse marketing solutions to see how they can transform your business.

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