Pro Image International: Revolutionizing the Path to Better Health

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In a world saturated with health products promising miraculous results, it’s refreshing to find a brand that stands out from the crowd. Introducing Pro Image International, “The Healthy Lifestyle Company,” dedicated to providing individuals with the tools they need to improve their health and overall well-being. With a range of innovative products, including their flagship offerings Pro Vitamin Complete and Fruta Vida, Pro Image International is redefining the way we approach nutrition.

We all know the importance of essential vitamins and minerals for our bodies, but Pro Image International takes it a step further with Pro Vitamin Complete. This liquid daily vitamin supplement packs a punch with 178 naturally occurring nutrients in every serving. From essential vitamins and whole food greens to fatty acids and trace minerals, this comprehensive blend covers all nutritional requirements for the human anatomy. What sets Pro Vitamin Complete apart is its bioavailability, with liquid formulas boasting an impressive 98% absorption rate compared to capsules at 10-20%. Designed to be the very foundation of your supplemental intake as the first and foremost nourishment you put in your body each day, unleash the power of these essential nutrients and elevate your health to new heights.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and refreshing experience, look no further than Fruta Vida. The name translates to Fruit of Life, and as suggested this exceptional product allows you a “Taste of the Rainforest” with its revolutionary blend of superfruits: Açai berry, Cupuaçu, Yerba Mate, combined with the juice of Brazilian apples. Not only does Fruta Vida provide a clean energy boost, but it also offers a multitude of additional benefits. This remarkable concoction supports cellular health, boosts the immune system, and promotes overall vitality. Experience the power of the rainforest and revitalize your body from the inside out with Fruta Vida.

Pro Image International’s journey began in 1995 with a visionary founder who sought to create all-natural, chemical-free alternatives to energy-boosting products. Fuelled by his passion for health, he discovered the incredible benefits of superfruits found in the Amazon Rainforest. Combining Açai berry, Cupuaçu, and Yerba Mate with Brazilian apple juice, the original Fruta Vida was born. This formulation proved to be a game-changer, offering not just energy but a host of other health benefits.

Driven by the need for a comprehensive whole foods supplement, Pro Image International introduced Pro Vitamin Complete in 2005. This revolutionary product targets all nutritional requirements of the human anatomy in one convenient supplement. With an unwavering commitment to quality and efficacy, Pro Image International has remained at the forefront of the health and wellness industry. While other companies try to replicate their success, Pro Image International’s original products continue to shine brightly, setting the standard for excellence.

At the helm of Pro Image International is Wes Weaver, Owner and CEO, a man with a passion for health and a vision for a better world. Wes’s journey into the field of nutrition began over 25 years ago, leading him to create his renowned Café Avarle line of medicinal mushroom blend coffees. Recognizing the uniqueness and potential of Pro Image International’s products, Wes became one of their largest wholesale clients. In 2019, he seized the opportunity to acquire the company from its soon to retire founder and carry on its legacy.

Wes is driven by a dedication to providing exceptional health products and outstanding customer service. With a team of devoted professionals, including longtime employees Josh and Colette, Pro Image International continues to uphold its tradition as “The Healthy Lifestyle Company.” Wes’s commitment to optimal health extends beyond the business world. He is actively involved in his community and enjoys spending time with his family, embracing the beauty of nature, and pursuing outdoor adventures.

At Pro Image International, the mission is twofold. First, they aim to provide an honest and exceptional consumer experience, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Second, they prioritize product development based on the most current scientific knowledge in the field of nutrition. Pro Image International never compromises on the integrity of their products, the philosophy behind them, or their dedication to helping individuals achieve their health goals. They firmly believe that healthy products lead to a better lifestyle, and they are committed to guiding you on this journey towards personal growth and well-being.


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