Priority Roofing: The Leading Roofing Contractor In The US, Led By CEO Will Miller

Priority Roofing
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On the hunt for one of the best roofing contractors in the US? Look no further than Priority Roofing. With CEO and founder Will Miller at the helm, this company has become a true leader in the industry, expanding to more than six states and earning a reputation for excellence. Read on to learn more. 

Customer Service is an essential part of business for a reason, especially in this day and age. Consumers control the playing field, so it only makes sense to prioritize this aspect, but so many companies are lacking on this front. 

Not so fast – one company is proving this case wrong.

Enter Priority Roofing, one of the most successful roofing contracting companies in the US, thanks to the leadership of its CEO and Founder, Will Miller. The team of experts at Priority Roofing has blossomed under Miller’s guidance to become the best in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. And the company has since expanded to more than six different states, with operations in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, California, Denver, and more. The company specializes in insurance claims and total storm restoration backed by a mission to provide customers with the highest quality services.

But the road to becoming CEO of Priority Roofing wasn’t linear for Miller. He began his career journey pursuing a role as a minister, and during his time at Bible school, picked up door-to-door appointment set-ups for a roofing company on the side. Little did he know it was the beginning of his future profession. 

At the time, Miller was dedicated to the idea that he could make a positive impact on people’s lives and the thought of becoming a full-time businessperson wasn’t on his radar. But slowly, the realization sunk in, and he knew he found his calling. 

Sticking to the principle of positively impacting the lives of others, Miller gave the roofing industry another chance – propelled by a vivid dream that led him in the right direction. His efforts were finally paying off with consistent expansion, and since founding his business in 2016, he’s not only breached the glass ceiling but completely surpassed it. 

Despite experiencing the worst storm year in 2022, Priority Roofing continued to put in the same amount of time, effort, and work, showing up every day, rain or shine. The team managed to finish the year with more revenue than the previous year in 2021, with over $66 million in total revenue.

A moral value Miller instills within his team is to keep a positive outlook, even during daunting times. As a leader, he’s in charge of ensuring each of his team members is set up for success, and as a result, the company came out on top when the odds were stacked against them. The passion and drive of each person play a crucial role in the company’s success and is an inspiring example of the power teamwork has on a business. 

This also comes back to Priority Roofing’s Customer Service standards. Miller doesn’t seek the best in the business to join his organization but people who are willing to put in the work while having a passion for what they do. Employee morale is a key aspect of every business and can greatly impact, positively or negatively, the service provided to clients. Employees are the engine of any company while clients are the fuel, so it only makes sense to nurture these relationships. 

Priority Roofing has grown to become a large corporation, but even so, customer service remains the same across the board. Miller attributes the company’s level of success to his team and believes that what they’ve accomplished up to this point was a guarantee, all thanks to the people he works with. 

Forgoing the outdated notion of leading as a dictatorship, he laid the foundation for contribution from all levels in the early phase of his company and continues to encourage his team to reach new heights, inside and outside the workplace.

“I am a firm believer that what we have accomplished so far has always started with WE,” emphasizes Miller. “I never wanted it to be a system that said, ‘we are doing this new thing because I said we are going to do it.’ We are who we are, as an organization, because of our team.”

Miller’s leadership style is centered on service and a willingness to give back and be there for each other, a value he credits to the success of some of the world’s highest-performing teams. The team at Priority Roofing is passionate, vision-driven, and mission-oriented, and they all share Miller’s mission to provide clients with the best quality service. 

“Yeah, we’re a big company, but it doesn’t have that corporate, transactional feel where you walk in and feel as if you’re a number or you’re just part of the system,” he says. “If we ever lose that mom-and-pop feel, then we really lose who we are and all of a sudden the purpose behind what we’re doing becomes irrelevant.”

Miller’s approach to leadership has made Priority Roofing one of the most highly-rated roofing contractors in the US. The company has a dominant online presence, with a Google, Better Business Bureau, or Yelp rating of 4.9 and higher across all locations – a combination of well over 1,000 total reviews across all locations and all platforms. If that’s not top-notch credibility, I don’t know what is. 

Priority Roofing aims to work directly with your insurance company to ensure the process of bringing your home back to pre-storm conditions is as smooth and pleasant as possible. They treat every customer the way they would want to be treated, if not better – and that’s something Miller guarantees. Whether they’re working on a 10-minute roof repair or a 10-day roof replacement, the team aims to take the time to educate customers by walking them through the step-by-step process of restoring their homes.

With a heart full of excitement and anticipation, Miller looks forward to the new year as his team expands its roofing business into Kansas City and Fort Worth, Texas. His team’s hard work and dedication have led them to become the 35th largest roofing contractor in the nation, a feat any business owner would be proud of. 

With confidence and admiration for his team’s abilities, there’s no stopping this company from reaching new and greater heights. 

Priority Roofing currently serves six different states, including Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, California, Denver, and beyond, offering the highest quality roofing services to customers.

For more information, visit their website here.


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