Powerhouse Speaker Dr. Theresa A. Moseley Joins Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

Speaking clearly and eloquently is a vital skill to have, whether its purpose is to further one’s career or to influence and inspire other people. Renowned training expert and motivational speaker Shawn Fair acknowledges the importance of excellent speaking skills, which is why he pioneered the Leadership Experience Tour. 

It is a highly exclusive club for aspiring public speakers and coaches which offers a one-of-a-kind program that teaches the basics and intricacies of speaking and coaching. In addition, the venture often invites other established speakers to share their stories and expertise.

One such keynote speaker is Dr. Theresa A. Moseley, a distinguished motivational speaker, prolific author, and award-winning educator. Originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina, the administrator possesses an impressive academic background. First, she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Georgia State University. Afterward, she attended Bowie State University for her Master of Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling. She then went to The American University, where she graduated with a Ph.D. in Education Administration.

Throughout her career of 26 years in the field of education, Dr. Moseley received several accolades, such as the Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education Award from the Maryland State Department of Education and Prince George’s County Outstanding Educator.

Aside from having an established profession in the academe, she is also a promoter of peace. After her firsthand experience with violence, the educator has made it her mission to restore peace in society. Initially, she spearheaded a campaign called No More Violence: One School One Community One County at a Time after the tragic events where she lost two of her students and cousins.

Since then, her commitment to keeping peace in the community and the world, has driven her to speak and write her message on peace. She decided to take her advocacy a step further and build a brand. Now, she is the owner and Chief Executive Officer of TAM Creating Ambassadors of Peace LLC. This company provides inspirational and motivational speeches to groups looking for ways to resolve conflicts in their communities, schools, and other organizations. It aims to contribute to the efforts of people who want to create a peaceful climate and culture.

Dr. Moseley also spreads her message and advocacies by writing books. As an author, she specializes in creating motivational pieces that talk about peace, love, hope, and purpose. Using her life experiences, she encourages her readers to find their authentic selves and take responsibility and accountability to create a peaceful world. Her most famous book called Creating Ambassador of Peace: 16 Steps to Become an Ambassador of Peace, is a best seller on Amazon.

Using her incredible talent for speaking and influencing, she hopes to inspire more people, especially the children in schools, to have hope, will, and purpose, essential traits that they can enhance as they grow older.

Bringing her extensive experience with promoting peace and her passion for motivating others to the table, Dr. Moseley has proven herself to be a great addition to the Leadership Experience Tour. Learn more about Dr. Theresa A. Moseley by visiting her official website creatingambassadorsofpeace.com. To know more about Shawn Fair and the Leadership Experience Tour, visit their official Facebook page.


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