Peter Gaston: Signing Your Dream Clients With Cold Email

Peter Gaston: Signing Your Dream Clients With Cold Email

With lead generation, the potential to scale your business is infinite.

With a commitment to delivering not just leads but real business growth, Peter Gaston’s journey from diverse early career paths to the forefront of lead generation is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit.

Here is how he helps small to medium-sized companies scale with cold email through LeadWolf.

Q: What inspired you to start LeadWolf?

“I launched LeadWolf out of a conviction that I could surpass what the market was offering in terms of lead generation. There was a clear demand for more effective leads, sales calls, and client acquisition strategies. My journey through various job experiences, including as a tennis coach and working in a high-end cake shop, instilled in me a passion for entrepreneurship and the confidence to start something of my own. I knew everyone wanted more leads, sales calls, and clients. So, I went where the demand was and started LeadWolf.”

Q: How did your diverse background shape your approach to LeadWolf?

“Every role I’ve held taught me something valuable about the importance of adaptability, resilience, and connecting with people on a meaningful level. These lessons were crucial in shaping LeadWolf’s client-centric approach, focusing on delivering results that genuinely contribute to our clients’ growth. On some level, every position you’ve held in the past has some transferable experience…”

Q: Can you share a defining moment in your career with LeadWolf?

“The defining moment came when I had to juggle my responsibilities as a college athlete with managing LeadWolf’s growing demands. This early challenge taught me the importance of prioritizing and focusing intensely on my goals, setting the stage for LeadWolf’s future success. I remember when I first started out, I had no free time and was hardly sleeping. Yet, I didn’t stop working on and growing LeadWolf.”

Peter Gaston: Signing Your Dream Clients With Cold Email
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Q: What were some of the initial challenges you faced?

“Starting LeadWolf during my senior year of college presented unique challenges. I started LeadWolf during a summer break before I went back for my senior year of college. I was doing a Workaway program in the Portuguese islands in the middle of the Atlantic. To make sure I could get enough work done, I’d wake up at 5:30 AM, do 5 hours of my Workaway job, and spend the rest of the day in restaurants and hotels working on LeadWolf.I made a decision very early on to prioritize my lead generation agency, and it paid off.”

Q: How does LeadWolf stand out in the crowded lead generation market?

“In short, we get results. LeadWolf differentiates itself through a relentless commitment to testing, optimization, and transparency. We’re not just another agency promising leads; we’re a partner invested in our client’s growth. Our approach is rooted in authenticity and a deep understanding of our client’s needs, which allows us to deliver results that help you scale, such as helping a client secure 24 new clients in just 19 days. We never get complacent, think the results are “good enough,” and stop testing. “

Q: What do you believe is essential for success in lead generation?

“Authenticity and transparency are key. It’s about being honest with what you can deliver and ensuring you’re the right fit for your clients. Lead generation is a partnership where both parties need to be aligned for success. We treat cold email like a science experiment. No matter the results, we’re constantly testing every single variable in our process, and that’s a big reason why I believe we get better results than most lead generation agencies out there.”

Q: What is something that other people get wrong with lead generation and outbound?

“As a lead generation agency, it’s your job to understand your client’s business inside out. Therefore, it’s vital that you’re getting as much information from them as possible, or else you won’t get the best results that you can for them. However, this goes both ways. Here at LeadWolf, we give each client their own log-in to a Client Access Portal, where they see our client-specific workspace in our sending software. This means they see everything we see. 

They can see exactly how many emails are going out, who they’re going out to, what the emails are, how many responses they’re getting (and they can read each response if they want), and, of course, how many meetings booked they’re getting.”

At LeadWolf, Peter Gaston is obsessed with discovering the secrets of outbound. With a proven track record of booking clients qualified calls with brands like Shopify, Marriott, Under Armour, and others, LeadWolf is constantly testing new strategies to improve and help their clients scale.


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