Patricia and David Carlin, the Power Couple at the Helm of Residual Payments

The success of a venture doesn’t rest on the quality of its products and services, but on the PEOPLE who run it, the staff who make it work daily, and the technology behind the scenes. Additionally, while it’s becoming more critical to gain in-depth knowledge of how to wield the advancements of today’s digital technology to expand a business’s reach, the use of online-based platforms is not what propels a company to great heights. Ultimately, it all boils down to the minds at the helm of the venture. In the case of Residual Payments, the world’s largest training platform dedicated to empowering go-getters to make residual income off credit cards, its rise through the ranks is primarily thanks to the leadership of Patricia and David Carlin.

A power couple with over two decades of experience in guiding entrepreneurs and companies in the right direction, Patricia and David Carlin have helped many clients navigate the complex waters of digital payments through their brainchild, Residual Payments. Over the years, these two industry authorities have processed billions of dollars in payments, worked with every major brand in the realm of e-commerce, and made tens of millions in commissions.

The industry that Patricia and David Carlin chose to dive deeply into is nowhere near easy to conquer. Cutthroat and saturated, it can eat any entrepreneur alive. But these two CEOs overcame all odds by partnering with each other and defying expectations.

We asked the couple some questions, and they gave us some very insightful answers…

What are the key attributes you believe make for a great “CEO” and leader in general?

Patricia and David: This is the number one thing we do better than anyone else. When we are hiring new “partners”—not employees, no one likes being an employee—I always ask one question. Let’s say that person has a background in sales. I’ll say, “Now I see you applied for the job as a sales manager. Let me ask you a question. Do you like doing sales or do you just do this job because it’s what you’re ‘educated’ in? I care about what you love to do that drives you. Also, if in 6 months from now you want to switch lanes or even switch between our companies, let us know. The only thing we ask is, if you need to be prepared to train the next person to take over your role.”

By doing this, it empowers our partners to feel like there is so much room to grow in our companies and they get to choose what they want to do instead of the other way around. We set our companies up like that because we only want employees who are just CEOs in Training.

Between the two of you, who “really is” the boss?

David: We aren’t superhuman. Some days I am firing off all cylinders and Patty is feeling down or vice versa. We both know when we need to be there for each other, taking the full CEO reins for the day. To be honest with you, no one has any roles in our companies, we all just work on projects. Of course everyone knows we are the top of the ladder, but Pat and I don’t have to triple check with each other on anything because we are equal, good or bad. If she makes a decision, I stand 110% behind it. Lastly, just have fun building a business alone or with your best friend. If you can find that best friend, marry them, and then also become successful in the process.

What have been some of your own career highlights to date (each of you)?

Patricia and David: We have been married for 10 Years, business partners for 10 years, and have never spent a night apart! We have been in five thousand fights, built and scaled multiple companies, and (knock on wood) we have never had one fail! Our business acumen, marriage, and net worth grow by the day. That’s not to brag; that’s to inspire you so you can build a successful life and business with your significant other. The scary news for our “competition.” We haven’t even hit our stride; we are just getting started!

What motivated you to build your own brand?

David: It wasn’t a thought; it was a natural progression of a “love for business.” When two serial entrepreneurs meet, it’s only natural. Now what isn’t natural is two chiefs being able to collaborate with each other. Usually there is one CEO in everything. Where I fall short, my wife excels and vice versa. You need to meet that person that makes you want more not only for yourself but for each other.

Patricia and David’s teamwork as CEOs of Residual Payments is truly revolutionary. Not everyone is lucky enough to meet the perfect partner both in the romance and business department. Now, because of the effective approach they have both adopted to lead the company, Residual Payments is sure to cement its standing in the commercial space even more solidly in the years to come. 


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