Pastor Anthony Shannon Graces the Stage of Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

The Leadership Experience Tour is an empowerment-driven platform for speakers established by Shawn Fair, a globally acknowledged leader in the motivational speaking and training space. Strategically designed to bridge speakers with audiences ranging from 2,000 to 5,000, it is open to the auditions of aspirants from different parts of the globe, including the US, Canada, and the UK. Last November, this one-of-a-kind initiative took note of the potential and excellence with which Pastor Anthony Shannon carried himself, and this coming April 10, he will grace the stage in Troy, Michigan, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton.

Born in Pontiac, Michigan, Anthony D. Shannon is an evangelical Christian who received a Master’s degree in Divinity from the Southern Christian University. The licensed and ordained pastor is a thought-provoking leader in the corporate world who has been making waves in the training and motivational speaking space. On top of serving as the founder and Senior Pastor of The Victory Church International, this expert in the areas of corporate leadership, vision casting, time management, business development, and coaching, to name a few, is also an acclaimed author behind two books and four manuals, all of which focused on leadership and personal growth. 

Over the years, Anthony Shannon has impacted countless lives across the United States, helping individuals come to the realization that change is essential in achieving personal and business growth. Additionally, he has continuously expended time and effort into sending across the inspirational message surrounding the possibility of success, even amidst what could seem a never-ending string of odds. 

Well-known for his didactic approach to imparting much-needed wisdom and insights about life, Anthony Shannon manages to engage, motivate, and inspire action in every leader he comes across, pushing them toward translating their visions into reality. He capitalizes on his impressive background to do so, boasting a highly-accomplished career where this go-getter was responsible for overseeing the success of training departments of companies with over 3000 employees.

The John Maxwell-certified speaker and leadership coach, who is also certified with the Sam Chad Leadership Academy and currently working in partnership with the Fair Consulting Group, has impressed industry authorities for his dedication to equipping leaders across multiple industries with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. His ability to take in complex concepts and break them down to their core makes the lessons he shares with others digestible and easy to comprehend. 

Anthony Shannon now takes center stage, armed with the competence he has honed throughout his career. Banking on the opportunities available, he goes all-out in serving individuals and communities by helping them maximize their potential. “My passion in life is growing and equipping others to do remarkable things and lead significant and fulfilled lives by overcoming and winning,” he shares. 

In the coming years, this well-respected professional is set to reach the forefront of the industry as a result of his dedication to teaching and encouraging people to win at life.

Learn more about Anthony Shannon by visiting his website.


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