On Scaling To Greater Heights: CEO of Leading Clear Mortgage Capital, Nathan Kowarsky, Shares His Insights On The Mortgage Trade

A shared goal among countless individuals and families, owning a home remains a challenging dream to materialize. Not only do people have to deal with the financial difficulties involved in getting their hands on a safe and conducive place to live in, but they also need to get acquainted with the complex process of homeownership. Unfortunately, no one is taught the A to Zs of buying a home, and people usually have to learn on the spot. Given the number of individuals and families in need of guidance, Nathan Kowarsky and the highly dedicated team at Clear Mortgage Capital have made it their mission to make homeownership simpler, faster, and more accessible. 

A well-respected personality in the mortgage industry, Nathan Kowarsky stands at the helm of Clear Mortgage Capital. This trusted brokerage was established to improve the home-buying experience of aspiring homeowners, doing so by providing exceptional speed, savings, and service. 

Since its launch, this brainchild of Nathan Kowarsky has maneuvered countless individuals and families in the direction of their new homes. When asked about his on-brand method, Kowarsky states, “[I] immediately started implementing technology to automate monotonous tasks that require additional overhead. I have seen so many mortgage companies just throw money and staff at problems.  Then their overhead gets so high they can’t afford to offer competitive rates to their clients.   The clients suffer and the loan officers suffer.” Boasting a digital loan-application approach designed to help clients avoid legal hassle and save time and money, it has successfully facilitated over 7000 home loans. 

Spearheading Clear Mortgage Capital is a team of mortgage experts led by Nathan Kowarsky. The company’s loan officers are among the best in the business and have built a reputation for their extensive experience in making the mortgage process a seamless and hassle-free one. “If your vendors have a weak spot that bottlenecks the process, do your best to automate around it and build the proper systems accordingly.  Communicate with vendors and don’t be afraid to ask them to modify something in their process that benefits both of you,” Kowarsky states. Moreover, thanks to their connection to some of the top lenders in the market, they have in their arsenal dozens of options when finding the most competitive rates for their clients. 

Apart from its impressive track record in making the mortgage process as smooth as possible, what has allowed Clear Mortgage Capital to emerge as a go-to lender is the leadership of Nathan Kowarsky. The California-based industry leader is a known authority in the mortgage sector and has bagged numerous accomplishments under his belt over the years, including recognition from the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts and the Orange County Visionary Award of 2022 by the LA Times.

From the get-go, Nathan Kowarsky has operated while guided by one clear-cut philosophy: professionalism and competency require integrity and honesty. His religious adherence to this critical take has contributed to the rise of Clear Mortgage Capital. Today, he continues to capitalize on his in-depth understanding of the industry and extensive experience not only to push his company to great heights but also to help other loan officers find success and freedom in their careers.

On Nathan Kowarsky’s dedication to teaching how to scale companies quickly

“I live by the principle of dharma, where I believe if I use the gifts God gave me and what my talents are to help people around me become successful, I will be successful in return,” shared Nathan Kowarsky. “This has worked out well for me over the last six years since I adopted this philosophy.”

It is his tireless dedication to both his own success and the success of his peers that stands to reason how he became a valued personage in the industry. 

Where other so-called competitors look towards increasing their own profits at the cost of personal danger, Nathan is able to see through it all. He enlightens his peers on how to scale their own companies, and is the reason why Nathan Kowarsky reached out to people through different platforms of his own volition, because he understands the struggle associated with growing your company out of the ground.

Armed with big plans for the future, the Clear Mortgage Capital CEO commits to pursuing his purpose of helping individuals secure their dream homes and supporting loan officers to gain traction in the mortgage scene.

When asked for advice on how aspiring individuals can adapt his teachings, Kowarsky says, “My advice for someone trying to find their path in life to be self-aware of what you are good at.  Everyone has their own set of talents.  Pay attention to what comes natural to you and lean into that.  Look for something in your life that you think you could fix or do better than what you see currently.“


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